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365 Project. A photo a day for a whole year!


During 2013 to 2014 I took one photo every day for a year.

It was a big challenge to take on but I was looking for something to tap into my creativity. As a family and wedding photographer life can be filled with other peoples photos. This 365 project meant that I got to take just one photo a day all for myself.

Now, I’m not going to pretend it was easy, I admit it was a struggle at times. Inspiration floored me sometimes and and often I left it really late. But I did persevere and I did finish it.

On the whole I actually enjoyed it and love the finished result even more.

Challenging myself with a 365 project meant that I learnt a lot. Making pictures that are both creative and artistic from your everyday moments teaches you to look at life differently. I understand that “normal” moments, the unremarkable ones become important and special over time. They help remember those times that we won’t get back.

This was my first 365 project but I’m hoping that it won’t be my last. Having a whole year of family photos is just priceless to me. I put this little selection into a photo book for me and my kids to treasure forever.

You can see  my 365 project below.


(It’s a long scroll and at the you’ll see my inspiration and help on how you might complete your own 365 project.)

If you are here because you are about to embark on your own 365 project you could share it with me here.

I’d simply love to see what you are up to!


You might have a whole phone load of family photography that you need to do something with. If you’d like help and inspiration with that check out my Professional Photo Preservation service here.


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a collage of pictures taken from a 365 projecta day to day montage of photos from a 365 projectone photo a day taken for a year, this is aprils selection

My personal inspiration for this project came from Sarah at “My 4 Hens” photography. Visit her 365 project for more inspiration.


2019 update/Foot note.


There are now many phone apps that can help you on your way if you don’t want to use your grown up camera for this. Snapping a quick shot on your phone is an even simpler way to complete your 365 project.

Just get started, you won’t regret it. You could look at  356 to help you on your way.