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Autumn Photo Shoot- 6 Reasons Why.

Hertfordshire family photographer

So why choose to have a family Autumn photo shoot? 

As a Hertfordshire family photographer, I feel Autumn is one the best times for a family photo shoot. Possibly, the best time.

So for those of you wondering why, I’ve outlined a few reasons to consider. Therefor you need ponder no more. Here are the facts.

1.Firstly, The Autumn Light. 

Beautiful Autumn light illuminates black and white photography

Certainly up there as a serious reason to choose the Autumn for your photo shoot.

As the sun shines low the glow and soft light it creates really becomes our friend. Subsequently, creating a dreamy golden hue which illuminates so prettily. I know many people think of Autumn in terms of colour (that’s my next reason.) However, the light brings alive black and white too.

2.Secondly, The Glorious Riot of Colour Makes Your Photo Shoot Pop.

Mother and child laugh in the woods during their hertfordshire family photo shoot

I mean, what’s not to like about Autumn colours?

Typically I  take clients to my local woods for an Autumn photo shoot. Everyone loves a walk with the leaves crunching under foot with the hazy sun on their backs. Likewise, kids love collecting acorns and conkers and playing in the fallen leaves. My Autumn photo shoots are full of fun, perfect for capturing authentic and honest moments of joy and love. Similarly pleasing, the tones are warm, kind and flattering.

3.Thirdly, It’s Still Warm.

Beautiful Autumn clouds radiate little baby boy in the woods

Autumn photo Shoot with bubbles in the woods

 Certainly a lot of the time it is!

Little ones can get cold quickly in the winter and too hot in the summer. Therefore, Autumn is pretty much the perfect temperature. Pop on a cosy jumper or hoody and you’re ready for action.

In addition you can bring along hats and scarves or wellies. These all help to add interest, texture or colour to your pictures. Get creative!

4.There’s Always a Back Up Plan!

Siblings sit and enjoy a book during their Autumn photo Shoot

 If Mother Nature fails to deliver a little warmth, there’s a happy alternative.

 Autumn photo shoots can still happen without the sunshine. Beautiful crisp misty days add magic to your images. Likewise, if it’s overcast we’ll work with it. The soft light is flattering and kind.

My outdoor Autumn photo shoot is full of action and adventure.  We play and run and balance and jump. Subsequently, we’ll keep warm!

5.Authentic Hertfordshire Family Photography

Autumn photo Shoot 2018

Whilst we are on the subject of alternative weather I may as well mention wind!

To clarify, many of my favourite Autumn photo shoots have been shot during “questionable weather”.  Of course there are plenty of perfect sunny days.

However, we all know British weather can be a little unpredictable. So, as long as it’s not pouring with rain, I will carry on shooting.  Even through gale force wind…it really does make great photo’s!

6.Share Your Photos With Family.

Autumn photo Shoot 2018

 Finally, I need to mention Christmas.

That is to say, many of my clients will book an Autumn photo shoot and order prints for extended family as Christmas presents.

I mean, who can blame them? These are beautiful, original and thoughtful  gifts that grandparents will treasure. Most importantly, you can forget the socks!

Printed and packaged before the obligatory seasonal rush sets in. Isn’t that just perfect?

Clothing Advice for Your Autumn Photo Shoot.

Autumn photo Shoot 2018

Are you looking for a little clothing inspiration for your Autumn photo shoot?

I have made a Pinterest board full of Autumn colour palettes and clothing ideas. Feel free to take a look here.
Above all I absolutely love neutral grey, cream, navy and black for an Autumn shoot. You can’t beat a little pop of colour either, brighten up your look with a little mustard or yellow. (Popular choices are yellow wellies!) You can also add scarves, hats and jumpers for a cosy look.

I’d Love For You to Get in Touch!

autumn photo shoot

In short, I’d be thrilled to arrange an Autumn photo shoot with you! You can easily contact me here.

Drop me a line and I’ll come back to you soon.

Alternatively, to see more of what I’ve been up to, check out my Facebook here and my Instagram here.

Finally, for lots of helpful information on family photography just pop on over to this page.