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Baby Photographer Hertfordshire

I’m a baby photographer based in Hertfordshire. Naturally I’d just love to capture your little one for you. Although, I can’t promise not to be broody afterwards! Clearly the chubby cheeks and chubby legs leave me weak.

Ultimately I am looking to document all the little moments. The ones that are soon to be forgotten. Tiny hands and tiny toes grow too quickly. Capture this whilst you can. Likewise, gummy grins and podgy legs need to be photographed.

Natural Baby Photography.

As a baby photographer I am happy to photograph in your home or outside.  In this case we ventured into the Hertfordshire countryside. This gave little “A” the chance to explore.

I strive to capture your baby in an honest and natural way. Creating pictures from real moments. Subsequently making treasured photos for your and your family. Photography to share, to print and to cherish.

Get in Touch.

Obviously I’d love to chat over your baby photography with you. It’s easy to contact me by visiting this page here.

Alternatively visit my home page here. This is a great starting point for more information.

In addition following along on my social media pages will keep you up to date. You might find a seasonal offer there too! Click into my Facebook page here and my Instagram page here.

Baby Photographer Hertfordshire with little Abby smiling Baby Photographer Hertfordshire captures chubby little fingers holding a flowerBaby Photographer Hertfordshire documents tiny toesBaby Photographer Hertfordshire captures podgy knees and get on tip toesyou can see mum in her eyes, i mean literally, look closely!Baby Photographer Hertfordshire captures close up portrait of baby Asmiling baby looks fondly at her mumclose up baby portrait in black and white photography