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Bluebell Photo Shoot Hertfordshire Family Photographer Hertfordshire

As the weather improves, the bluebells start appearing. So too, do families wanting a bluebell photo shoot in Hertfordshire. Towards the end of April and into May stunning vistas of purple grace my local woodland. Luckily I know several quiet spots suitable for a photo shoot amongst them. Whilst keeping to the natural paths and careful not to tread on any delicate flowers, I’m creating beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones.

bluebell photo shoot in hertfordshire with hilda the dog

Bespoke Bluebell Photo Shoot

Importantly every family is individual. Your focus for a bluebell photo shoot might be your children. But, in this instance the apple of this pairs eye is Hilda. I think we can all see why. This big ball of fluff is both amiable and willing. Moreover, easier than many children I’ve photographed! She was an absolute charm. Consequently, we had a relaxed and happy bluebell photography session. At the same time, capturing the love between the boys and their beloved dog. An added bonus was that she matched the bluebells beautifully!

hertfordshire bluebells create a pretty backdrop for a photo shoot

A Bluebell Photo Shoot in Hertfordshire Isn’t Just For The Kids!

However cute the allure of children peeping out from the bluebells, it has to be noted how well they work in all situations. Interestingly bluebells have been the choice of backdrop for maternity sessions, engagements and dogs. (Without the owners in the frame too!) Whatever type of photo shoot you are after, I’d highly recommend thinking about bluebells. I wonder if it’s because they’re only around for a short time that adds to the appeal.

couple and their dog sit amongst the bluebells in hertfordshire

Natural Bluebell Photography

In keeping with my style of photography, bluebell photo shoots in Hertfordshire are relaxed and natural. However, a little more care and attention is needed around the bluebells. This will result in your photo session being slightly directed, as we will need to position ourselves thoughtfully. Nonetheless, my aim is to create pictures that are full of personality. Thus reflecting your family vibe and charm, both authentically and artistically. I’m pretty laid back so anything goes really, we just can’t trample the flowers 🙂

cheeky dog licks her owners face during a bluebell photo shoot

Before Your Bluebell Photo Shoot

Firstly we’ll chat over who you’d like photographed. Secondly, I’ll advise on clothing choices. Thirdly, we’ll arrange a time that suits us both. Photographing in the bluebells can be a tricky business. Typically, they grow under dappled light. Similarly, they’re blooming at a time when the sun can be high and harsh. Both scenarios aren’t especially flattering. To counter balance this, I’d suggest booking your bluebell photo shoot either early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower. Of course, if these times don’t suit I can work around you. Understandably these times might not be great for very young children.

star of the show, hilda the dog sits in the bluebells in hertfordshire woods

Praise From my Clients!

It’s always lovely to get good feedback from a photo shoot. Below are a few kind words that I received after this bluebell photo shoot in Hertfordshire.

“Denise swiftly understood that the centre of attention and star of the show should always be our dog, Hilda. She captured our family perfectly, and let the ‘cat’ out of the bag that we are truly crazy dog people.”

I’d just love to hear from you if you’d like to discus your options for a bluebell photo shoot. It’s simple to leave me a message on this page here. I’ll get back to you!

In addition, you might want to find out more about me and what I do. Visit this page to start your journey! You can also find me on social media. My Facebook is here and my Instagram is here.

couple cuddle their dog in the bluebell woods during their photo shoot

Further Bluebell Photo Shoot Information

To discover more about my bluebell photo shoot sessions you can click over to this post. There you’ll see what’s involved. Furthermore, if you’d like some inspiration on clothing choices and colour palettes, I’ve made a Pinterest post to help you. Click here to go straight there.

And finally if you’d like a family photo shoot but you’re in the wrong season for a bluebell shoot, click here for information on my regular family photography sessions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!