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Family lifestyle photographer Hertfordshire

This gorgeous sea of yellow was a welcome change from bluebells last night! I had seen this field in all its splendour last year. Annoyingly, until now, I’d never found a way in. As a family lifestyle photographer in Hertfordshire, this was quite exciting.

What is a Family Lifestyle Photographer?

Essentially a family lifestyle photographer is just that. To clarify, I photograph your family just being themselves. Just doing their thing. No posing or contrived moments. I’m aiming to document your families honest and authentic story. What better way to do that than capturing genuine connections?

Photographing my Own Family Lifestyle in Hertfordshire

Unfortunately for my kids, the more I photograph them, the better I get at photographing yours! Ensuring that my experience can be bought to the photoshoot with your family. You can never know too much. Subsequently, I’m pretty good with kids too. Therefore, you can rest assured that nothing your little ones do, can shock me. Hopefully this leaves you at ease and relaxed.

Great Hertfordshire Photography Locations

Interestingly, Hertfordshire has an abundance of stunning photoshoot locations. I’m based here, but willing to travel. However, choosing to have your family lifestyle photography in Hertfordshire means I’m able to suggest an awesome location. Considered specifically with your needs in mind. Family lifestyle photography works really well outdoors. similarly though, photographing in and around your home works well too.

Photography Full of Laughter and Light

I always find that left to their own devices that families will play. Documenting this creates pictures full of expression and joy. I want you to look at your family lifestyle photography and feel the moment.

Just as I do when I see these pictures of my own family.

Photographer documents Family lifestyle in Hertfordshire
hertfordshire Photographer documents Family lifestyle in fields with three brothers
Photographer documents Family lifestyle in Hertfordshire with two brothers enjoying a hug
two brothers joke in Hertfordshire countryside
Photographer documents Family lifestyle in Hertfordshire with two brothers playing piggy back
Lifestyle portrait of boy in Hertfordshire
Photographer documents Family lifestyle in Hertfordshire
Photographer documents Family lifestyle with brothers collecting stones in Hertfordshire
Lifestyle photographer documents Hertfordshire family in fields

I’d Love to Document Your Family

It’s easy to get in touch. Drop me a line by heading to this page here. I’ll be back in touch to discuss your options.

If you’d like more information, read on here. It’s a good place to start. Also, following along on Facebook and Instagram will keep you up to date with my most recent projects.