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Family Lifestyle Photographer in Hertfordshire

I think I may have mentioned before that having boys may be similar to having dogs. Therefore keeping them happy is simple really, they just need a run out every day! Now, I am probably doing many boys an injustice. However, not mine. As a family lifestyle photographer in Hertfordshire I welcome the chance to get out and document their shenanigans.

Family Lifestyle Photography in Hertfordshire

It was one of ‘those days.’ Therefore, it all started well, we had a chilled out morning. It follows then that the calm comes before the storm. That is to say then the play fights start, the bundles and kicking a ball around the house. I mean, how many times have I asked them not to? We needed to get out. What better excuse do I need for a family lifestyle photography session?

Photographing Your Family Lifestyle Candidly

Of course, my boys didn’t know it was a family lifestyle photography session. Neither will your kids. I aim to keep my photography sessions laid back and relaxed. Typically it’s just like taking a walk in the park. I urge you to just be yourselves, with no standing still and saying cheese.

Authentic Family Connections

It was raining and the windiest day ever, but it was better being outside. The weather did make me question my decision to bring along a camera.

The weather was pretty extreme! Subsequently, I couldn’t really see what I was photographing. The wind was so strong blowing my hair in my eyes causing a big distraction. Furthermore, the rain kept raining, but we kept on walking. And then they found THE MUD.

Lifestyle Photography That Doesn’t Miss a Moment

Technically, these photos aren’t going to win any prizes. none the less each one is special to me. Importantly, they captured our afternoon, and ooze character and life. As a result I will always remember a moment in time and my boys’ madness. Not only that but their childhood thirst for fun, freedom and dirt.

In addition too, I will remember a time when smiles and belly laughing came before “don’t get dirty”. I’m kind of chuffed about that.

I’d Love to Photograph Your Family

Wouldn’t you love to reinvent your family album? Let’s make it full of real emotive pictures. Images that not only stand the test of time, but take you straight back to it. Say goodbye to cheesy fake smiles!

Although I’m a family lifestyle photographer based in Hertfordshire, I’m happy to travel. To see more of what I do, heading over to this page is a good place to start.

Also, do follow along on social media here and here.

Finally to get in touch is easy. Just leave a message on this page. I’m looking forward to our connection!

Family Lifestyle Photographer in Hertfordshire takes pictures of her boys playing in the mud
Family Lifestyle portrait Photographer in Hertfordshire
young boy captured on a windswept bridge by Family Lifestyle Photographer in Hertfordshire
thoughtful looking portrait of boy taken by Family Lifestyle Photographer in Hertfordshire
three brothers walk in the wind over a bridge in hertfordshire
young boy falls in the mud during his Family Lifestyle Photography in Hertfordshire
a windy day in hertfordshire captured by Family Lifestyle Photographe
portrait of a boy captured by Family Lifestyle Photographer in Hertfordshire
three siblings share a joke during their Family Lifestyle Photography in Hertfordshire
welwyn garden city photographer
welwyn garden city photographer

To Conclude

This morning after seeing these photos again, my youngest remembered his roll in the mud.

“That was the best day EVER mum, wasn’t it?”

I rest my case ๐Ÿ™‚