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Welwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOS 

I was recently involved in something really special, something that actually blew my mind! A Welwyn Garden City family photoshoot for DIY SOS.

Recently, the DIY SOS came to Welwyn Garden City to help a very amazing family. I got to be a part of that. The team came to transform Sascha’s family home. Thus enabling her to have kidney dialysis there instead of in hospital. Consequently allowing her to spend quality time with her young family, husband and eldest son Charlie. Previously they only had one day a week together.  They called this “Happy Wednesday”.

A Heartfelt Family Photoshoot


Importantly, Gaby, the designer from DIY SOS wanted to fill the house with family pictures. Personalising the place and making it feel like home. Happily, I got to do the family photoshoot.

As luck would have it we were all free on “Happy Wednesday”. So, as huge numbers of local tradesmen sweated and toiled, we got to hang out in the shade of the woods. Subsequently whiling away a couple of hours finding pine cones, making paper aeroplanes and searching for fairies. Oh, I took a few photos too!

A True Welwyn Garden City Team Effort


Impressively, close to 200 volunteers helped with the project. Although I got to hang out with Sascha and her charming family I didn’t get to meet anyone involved with the construction and build. However, what I did get was a sense of the hard work, grit and determination. Qualities that got this project off the ground and running. Furthermore I felt the community coming together. Truly feeling peoples readiness to give.

A New Family Home


There was positivity, there was kindness, there was selflessness. I felt proud to be a part of that. Also,  I felt excited to be able to give something to this beautiful family that hopefully they will treasure. Hopefully my tiny part of all this lets them remember one happy Wednesday. One spent laughing, playing and feeling the anticipation that something bigger and life changing was going on.

A Few Words From Sascha

“All I’ve ever wanted is to be a great mum and wife. Which is hard when you are never there. Thanks to you I will be around always. Never again will I miss the school play, sports day, a bumped head, grazed knee or just simply a cuddle! Therefore words are not enough to describe what you have done. I have lost many friends to this disease, and was scared to imagine my future. Furthermore, I lost my dad and my brother when I was young. Therefore my biggest fear was that my kids would loose me. Thanks to you I can feel safe now in the knowledge that my health is going to be as good as it can possibly be from now on. Home dialysis is as good as having a transplant. Never ever will I forget the summer of 2016, when 200 angels turned up to help. Everyone’s contribution has astounded me. I promise that I will live life to the fullest and never take life for granted. Now I awake  everyday beaming with joy. You have made my dreams come true and given me my life and whole world back. Thank you amazing people, from the deepest depths of my heart x”

Welwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot

During a week when I was stressing out trying to figure out how to cope with four kids at home and a work load threatening to send me over the edge, I found clarity.

Not only was I was reminded of the simple things in life. But, how we take them for granted and how important they are. I don’t think I was the only one on this project to feel that.  I am so grateful that a very special little family reminded me of this. When I look back on their  photoshoot and see their smiles, their cuddles and laughter I knew in an instant that that was what was important.

Time together.

Forget deadlines, forget your untidy house, forget the bills. Importantly though don’t forget the ones you love.

To Conclude

As the family emerged from their new home the kids were asked what the new house meant to them. They replied that it meant they could have their mummy back.

I am so glad that so many people stood up and made this possible.  So glad that Sascha and her family will have a much better quality of life. They deserve it,  they’re awesome!

There were so many helpers involved in making the magic happen, too many for me to name. My images wouldn’t be looking as beautiful though without the help of Ken Bushbridge from Dragonfly Digital (see more here.) He kindly offered his services and printed all the photos.

With the permission of Sascha I am sharing a few of my favourites from the shoot. 


Welwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOS in hertfordshire woodsWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOS with two young siblings balancing on the logsHertfordshire family sit on a log in the woods for their photoshootsiblings tickle each other in welwyn garden city woodsWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOSWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOSWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOSWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOSWelwyn Garden City Family Photoshoot for DIY SOSkids catch bubbles on their family photoshootdiy sos family photo shootWelwyn Garden City family laugh at their family photoshoot

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