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Family Photo Shoot Hertfordshire Photographer

I’m a Hertfordshire photographer specialising in your family photo shoot.

I was asked for natural, un posed photo’s of the kids. To explain, mum wanted images that showed their personalities. To really show who the kids “really were”.

Perfect. Trouble was, one little lady just didn’t want to play ball! I get where she was coming from, some days you just don’t want to perform do you? And some days you just want your mum…(no matter how old you are.) And some days a family photo shoot is the last thing you need. This one one of those days, not for me I might add, but for my for my littlest afternoon muse.

Little man was as good as gold, he seemed to quite enjoy the experience. This was not the same for his sister who was just out of her comfort zone and I really felt for her, and her mum too! You want your photo shoot to be relaxed and for your children to be angels, but you know, the truth is life just isn’t perfect like that and things don’t always go according to plan.

“Life’s not about waiting for the sun to come out, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Well, it didn’t rain, and the sun did come out actually. Not just from behind the clouds, but from the resulting images. Mum didn’t really want to be in the photo’s but because this little lady just didn’t want to be put down she jumped into the frame for a moment or two. Oh, i’m so glad she did! I love to see the connection between her and her babies, hopefully captured moments that she will cherish forever. It is sometimes the unplanned, the unexpected that really makes your day and this did it for me!

I walked away from our shoot wondering if I had captured enough. I had offered to re shoot if I hadn’t. But, in the end that little lady shined so bright and beautifully I think we pulled it off!
If you would like your own family photo shoot, please get in touch. I promise that I can deal with less than perfect moods!!!

(Thank you Catherine for finding the funny side of our family photo shoot and for stepping into the frame when needed. xxx)

Here are a few of my favourites…

mother and child hertfordshire family photographerhertfordshire family photographer outdoor photo shootFamily Photo Shoot with young boy waving a sword  captured by Hertfordshire Photographersiblings sit on a log during their  Family Photo Shoot little girl laughs on a small chair during her Family Photo Shoot  Hertfordshire Photographer captures close up portrait of young baby smilinglittle girl and bubbles hertfordshire photographermom gets in the frame on a family photo shootmom gives her babies a cuddle, hertfordshire photographer

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