Family Photography Hertfordshire What to Expect on Your Shoot.

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So you have booked your family photography session in Hertfordshire, now what?

Firstly, I want you to feel comfortable. My family photography is all about capturing real, honest moments. Therefore, pretty much all you need to do is show up and be yourselves! You need to do what you would usually do. Importantly, you can forget the airs and graces.

For instance, you and your kids may be action packed and full of energy. In that case, I will be there keeping up with you all. On the other hand, you could be a quiet and considered family. I will take your lead and approach our shoot accordingly. We will go at your pace. My aim is to help you feel completely at ease.

siblings cuddle on their family photography session in Hertfordshire

How Long Does Family Photography Take?

Ultimately we will spend around 2 hours together on a family photography shoot. In that time anything goes. I will have made a photography plan, but plans are made to be broken. Often, that’s where the magic begins!

During our session I will look at capturing real connections and authentic moments. However, sometimes this will take longer than planned. Similarly, I could have photographed all I need in less time. In short, we will take the time we need. No pressure.

On a similar note I can also handle tantrums, runny noses, dirty nappies and spilt drinks!

two brothers play with their dinosaurs during their photo shoot

Does Family Photography Involve Posing?

Certainly not, posing is actually the last thing I need you to do. That said, I might need to gently prompt you. Most families naturally feel a little uncomfortable at first. I appreciate that a little direction is welcome, you just won’t find me posing you all. I would rather gently prompt.

For example, asking you to sit together as though you were about to share a book. Alternatively, asking one of you to play tickle with the kids. I want to encourage you to be relaxed and natural. These requests serve as something for you to do, to encourage very natural reactions and connections.

I often shoot in the woods and surrounding Hertfordshire countryside so there is plenty of scope for play and movement. Thus keeping the kids busy and giving them a little freedom to be themselves. 

We will have by, now chatted over location choices. Subsequently picking somewhere that you all feel comfortable.

What do I Need to Bring to my Photo Shoot?

I encourage families to bring along anything they might want included in their Hertfordshire family photography shoot. For example your child may have a favourite toy or blanket. An item that is special to them and an integral part of who they are right now.

On the other hand, if you’d rather just turn up, then do just that. I will come prepared. I often include bubbles, books, balls etc in my images. Things that are part of childhood. In addition, they give the kids something to do!

a book provides some focus in a family photography session

Can I Bring the Family Dog?

Dogs are welcome too!
After all they are a big part of many a family. Similarly, they can really help to encourage a relaxed family vibe.

family photography includes the family pug

What Shall we Wear?

I get asked this a lot!
Everyone has different tastes and you want your photos to reflect who you are. My main piece of advice is think classic as you don’t want your wall art to date.

Importantly large motifs, football shirts and big logos don’t really work. Think natural and neutral and you can’t go too wrong. However, if you are into bright colours, choose just a couple for maximum impact. Try to consider the points outlined below.

Choose coordinating colours rather than matching. Pick a couple of colours and choose clothes that blend within that colour scheme.

bright rugby shirts feature in this family photography session in hertfordshire

Textures are great. However, try to limit putting a lot of different patterns together. For example, avoid putting stripes with flowers and zig zags! Things can get a little busy. It really does distract the final image.

A bright textured cardigan is a welcome pop of colour in an autumn hertfordshire photo session

Accessories can really add to your image. The odd scarf or hat is great to add colour or character.

family wearing hues of blues

Consider your home. Where are you going to put your prints? Do you want them to match the decor? If so let this lead your colour choices.

Feel free to bring a choice of oufits. Just adding a layer or a change of t shirt can add variety to your images. Remember though, that if we are on location you may not want to be stripping out of your dress!

portrait session in hertfordshire

To Conclude

I appreciate that you now have quite a lot to digest. Above all, don’t worry. The main aim is that we have fun.
I am totally laid back and just want to make photos that you and your family will treasure for years to come. Memories of a specific moment in time that show the true essence of your family.
Messy hair, grazed kness and toothy grins included.
I’m totally looking forward to our time together.

family have fun on their photography shoot

To further assist with clothing choices you can visit my Pinterest pages to help illustrate what works.

In addition, you can jump back into my main family photography website pages here.

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