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Family Photography in Cambridgeshire.

I’m a photographer based in Hertfordshire and I’ve often wondered where my love of photography comes from. I’ve read countless interviews with photographers who talk of the birth of their children being the catalyst that spurred them to pursue their photographic dreams. Some come from photography parents, maybe a grandfather gave them their first camera. All seem to have a story, I was left wondering what my story was. That was until I embarked on my own family photography in Cambridgeshire.

My mum recently asked me to photograph a family occasion, their 50th wedding anniversary. (Yeah, I know 50 years right?!!!) Of course  I couldn’t say no, of course I didn’t want to say no. Creating tangible memories for families to share is what I love to do. Therefore,  armed with my camera I did what is now second nature to me. I photographed all the special moments from their day.

Whilst in Cambridge I realised what my story was.

As I photographed my own family, watching all the moments unfold through my lens I was able to take a step back and realise just how important this time together was. How lucky we are, like many other families to have each other around and how we should all enjoy each other whilst we can.

As the celebrations went on into the evening we were treated to old photo albums, wedding albums and a family slide show. We delighted in seeing mum and dad as fresh faced newly weds. Similarly my kids saw pictures of my grandparents who they never got to meet. Peels of laughter filled the air as the grandchildren were treated to the most unflattering images of me and my siblings as kids. Oh my gosh,  the outfits, the hair styles, what on earth were we thinking?

It was like stepping back in time and I remembered how as kids we would sit as a family, during those boring winter Sunday evenings and watch our own family slide shows. Me and my sisters and brother would love to watch as the grainy slides were put into the projector and we could view ourselves, large and out of focus. We saw ourselves as babies, our birthday parties, our holidays, summers, winters, you name it we had it in a photograph.

Natural Family Photography in Cambridge.

Dad was the photographer. He didn’t do it as a profession, nor really a hobby, he just did it. His photo’s aren’t technically perfect, not many of them flattering and a lot of them out of focus. (Sorry dad!)  However, they are much more than that as they are our history. They evoke memories that we can share with our kids, they generate laughter and joy along with tears and sadness. We remember through these images both good times and loved ones that are no longer around. These pictures, these little snippets of our real life show what words can only touch upon. They open up a door that goes back in time and captures exactly the essence of us.

They are our real moments and they’re priceless and personal.

So it’s struck me finally, I know where my love of photography comes from. It’s simple and I don’t know why I never realised it before, it’s just ingrained in me. Those early days of family  slide shows gave me that love, I subconsciously grasped the importance of capturing moments. I learnt the importance of documenting and immortalising  the visual narrative of love, feelings and human connection.

I’m so glad I remembered and that I have my own story!

And so I’m going to continue to snap away, I’m going to keep saving memories and moments because you just never know when you might need them.

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