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I’m a Hertfordshire wedding photographer and recently asked a few of my couples to choose their favourite wedding photos. Without a doubt, I was surprised over some of their choices. Not only that though, hearing the reasons why they chose each was so enlightening.

Interestingly most were chosen for how the image made them feel. In addition to this the memory the photo evoked. However some were chosen as a perfect depiction of a personality. Furthermore, none were chosen with regards to technical merit. All were emotional choices. Thus, cementing my thoughts. Hertfordshire wedding photography needs to be honest, authentic and soulful.

Naomi and Glenn’s Favourite Wedding Photo

Favourite Photos taken by glenn and naomi's Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

“I have many favourites and I’m torn between a few. I love the one of us in the camper van which I believe you used for your website. However, this one is beautiful too. I like the composition of the photograph. Also, the idyllic natural location. But, above all the smile on Naomi’s face.
You asking this question made me look back on what was a wonderful day. Subsequently reminding me of the many great photos that you captured. Including so many natural smiles and looks of joy. Thanks!” 

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography Favourites

 Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer captures newly weds laughing

Helen and Stuart chose a few favourite wedding photos, which makes me happy! Proof that wedding photography is not about a single stand out image. Moreover a collection of photos that each evoke a memory or feeling. Thus creating the perfect visual narrative to your day. Helen chose this one because…

“Well, we both remember what he said to make me laugh! You captured the moment perfectly. ”

Favourite Photos of bride and groom and their kids taken at their Hertfordshire Wedding

“This is the only photo we have of the four of us together, ever. It really captures the moment and has personality (if that makes sense). It also reminds me how much all of us loved the day.” 

Favourite Photos Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer top photos chosen by bride and groom

“I love this! It captures a moment when everyone was together and laughing and smiling. On a grey rainy day in lockdown it makes me happy to look at  it. ”

Documentary Style Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

tender moment between bride and groom chosen as one of their Favourite Photos by their Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

Tim and Kate think that this is their favourite wedding photo. Importantly, when photographing a wedding I aim to let the day unfold naturally. Therefore, I won’t choreograph moments. I’d rather stand back and watch for genuine connections. This tender moment between newly weds illustrates that perfectly. Unaware of me and my camera the sweet look between them and the soft light on Kates face creates this intimate shot.

Kate says “I like how natural it is and I find the black and white flattering.”

Alice and Andy’s Favourite Wedding Photo

“So, it was extremely hard to pick as there are so many great photos. They really capture the fun and mood of the day. However, this is our favourite…we think! We love how happy we both look in the photo. Similarly, it really sums up the joy we both felt. Also, the excitement that we had finally done it! 
After such a stressful time trying to plan the wedding and the ambiguity of it all, it was amazing to actually be there in the moment. I think Denise captures it perfectly in this picture. My flowers look beautiful and I love the colours. I also love how I can see our mums chatting in the background. This makes me happy.”

Favourite Wedding Photos, Claire and Nathan

“We have two favourite photos, sorry to be a pain! But there were so many great photos, it’s hard to choose just one!
This is one of our favourites because Annie had been with her Dad and my Mum for all of the blessing and her christening. She’s a shy little girl and had been so quiet and well-behaved in the church. When we stepped outside she was so excited to look up and find me. We were clearly both delighted to finally get a cuddle!”

” We both love this shot too. It was so good to get away from the hussle and bussle inside. To get some fresh air and, of course some time alone. Even though you were there with us, we hardly noticed you snapping away discretely! Sorry, that sounds rude but it’s why we love your style of photography. Importantly everything is very natural. We both just had a very proud moment there as we realised we were actually husband and wife.  In addition, the sky in the background is beautiful!”

Favourite Photos Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

I asked Christian and Emma for their favourite photo from their Hertfordshire wedding. It should be noted that I love movement in a photo. Whilst photographing you as a couple it’s important to me to keep things fluid. Creating photos with atmosphere and authenticity.

“While we loved all the photographs taken at our wedding, this is one of our favourites. Because it naturally captured our happiness on the day. Importantly, we forgot about the camera! As well as that it includes the lovely surroundings of where we got married.” 

Documenting Authentic Moments

Coincidently, as a Hertfordshire photographer this happens to be one of my favourite photos from James and Emily’s Hertfordshire wedding day. I mean, you just feel their love and happiness don’t you?!

“This photo captures the love and happiness we felt on our wedding day. As cliche as it sounds, it really was the best day of our lives. Taking some time away, just the two of us (well, three) was such a special and intimate part of it. It was easy to forget Denise was there!”

Wedding Photography That Captures Souls and Not Fake Smiles

Weddings are shared with family and friends. Therefore it’s important to me to document all who are part of you day. Undoubtedly, this is one of my favourites from Emily and Steph’s Hertfordshire wedding.

“This picture perfectly sums up Steph’s dad. A quiet man, smart, contemplative and with his pipe. He rang the week before the wedding to check when it was! On the day forgot he was supposed to walk Steph down the aisle. His scientific mind distracts him from the day to day practicalities of life. He likes to take time to think through any question you ask before giving a well-thought and throrough answer. It’s so rare to capture someones complete personality in a picture. But, this is perfect.”

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography That Reflects You and Your Day

I knew that Michelle and James had chosen their outdoor Hertfordshire wedding venue because they loved the pergola. In addition to this the lakeside setting added to the appeal. Therefore as their Hertfordshire wedding photographer I felt that I needed to include a shot of them in these surroundings. I love the quiet contemplative mood of this photo reflecting their characters.

“We chose this as one of our favourite photos. Because, it makes such perfect use of our venue which we chose specifically for the pergola on the lake. You even captured the swan! This is where we said our vows and exchanged our rings so it means a lot to us.”

Les and Vicky’s Favourite Photos

Favourite Photos Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer captures funny moment between bride and groom. It's one of their favourite photos

“I struggled to choose one as there are a lot I really like. However, I picked this one because every time I see it I can’t help but laugh! I love the look on Les’s face. The picture is so natural and captures the mood of the whole day perfectly”

Vicky and Les choose their Favourite Photos from their Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer.

“I also really like the shot of us and our girls on the bridge for similar reasons”

Ultimately, I have to agree. I love this shot of them all together. I know Vicky had this one printed and framed!

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