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Hertfordshire Family Photoshoot at Home

I was a very contented photographer to photograph this Hertfordshire family at home. A Hertfordshire family photoshoot at home does not need a perfect house. However, this house was perfect!

The pale colour scheme throughout, perfectly complimented their outfit choices. Thus helping to produce light and airy portraits. Importantly, these images were to be hung around the house. Consequently, in this instance, they needed to match the decor.

To clarify , a beautiful  tidy home is definitely not a requirement for a Hertfordshire family  Photoshoot at home. Interestingly I can work around anything!

Relaxed Family Photography.

A photo shoot at home is just perfect with younger children. Above all, they feel secure in their own environment. In addition, given the time of year, having a little one crawling around the wet muddy ground may not have been ideal!

That said, we did venture into the garden for bubbles. Luckily our shoot fell on an unusually warm day.

As a side note, I was introduced to this family as I had photographed mum’s sister last year. They chose to have their photo’s taken outside as it was summer time. You can see their shoot here.

Family Photography with Heart and Soul.

Photographing families characters is important to me. I want you to look at your pictures and remember a moment. Therefore forced cheesy smiles aren’t my thing. Just do your thing and let me take care of the rest.

Happily, in this case both children were an absolute pleasure to photograph. When I arrived we played with sticker books whilst waiting for mum to finish getting ready. During this time I was able to let the kids get used to me. Subsequently, our shoot was relaxed and un rushed. Just the way I like it!

Here are a few of my favourites from our shoot.

Hertfordshire family photoshoot at homeAll the family gather on the bed for their Hertfordshire family photoshoot at homeHertfordshire family photoshoot at home with little guy smiling in the bedroomphoto shoot at homephoto shoot at homehertfordshire child photographerchild photo shoot at homehertfordshire child photographerhertfordshire child photographerhertfordshire child photographerDad kindly got out the bubble machine which produced a whole bunch of bubbles!child photographer photo shoot at homeIf you would like to discuss having a Hertfordshire family  photoshoot at home I would love to hear from you!

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