Hertfordshire Professional Photo Preservation.


Have you ever felt totally over whelmed by the amount of photos on your phone? Is your storage nearly always full?

I promise you you’re not alone!


artistically edited sunset images by hertfordshire professional photo preservation

Read on to see how I can help with this, learn about my Hertfordshire Professional Photo Preservation package.



In this digital age where every moment inspires us to take a photo we are all guilty of recording memories only to hide them away. Maybe forever. How sad is that?

School plays, birthday parties, dress up day, holidays, the first steps, your best friends wedding. The list is honestly endless. Unsurprisingly it applies to us all, me included.


everyday phone photos made beautiful by hertfordshire photographer

So how about you do something amazing with your phone photos? Let me take you from over whelmed to over joyed.


Picture the scene, you lose your phone and you haven’t backed up your photos. Your hard drive fails and you’ve no back up plan. Those precious photos, those timeless reminders of your story here are gone, possibly forever. Are you able to deal with that? I just couldn’t. In fact it gives me palpitations thinking about it.

Obviously as a professional photographer I have my clients’ photos backed up all over, several times. Clearly they need to be safe. As for my own personal photos, I’m not so savvy. Unsurprisingly, I fall into the same trap as everyone. Almost all the time.


example of professional photo preservation, turning everyday image into art

However I do have one saving grace!


Once a year I make a photo book.  Creating a tangible story, something to touch and look at and enjoy. My kids pour over these books especially as both them and the memories get older.

Recently a friend asked me to do the same for her, as a present for her husbands 50th birthday. She wanted years of phone photos collated into one stunning collection of family history. Sentimentally, we went through her photos and each little snippet of time was relived. Wouldn’t it be a shame to risk losing this connection to time passed.

Thankfully now she has a beautiful photo book stuffed full of priceless family moments. To treasure and share.

And that was where my idea for Hertfordshire professional photo preservation started.


holiday photos preserved for generations by putting them into a photo book

Don’t let your family album fade away, speak to me about Professional Photo Preservation.


After an initial conversation you’ll send over a personally curated gallery of your phone images to me. These can include pictures of kids artwork, ticket stubs and screen shots. You needn’t stick to photos.

Using my professional photo editing skills each photo will be artistically styled and colour harmonised. Your treasured pictures will then be designed into your new book pages. Beautiful memory squares encapsulated in a hard back cover. Each square representing a personal pictorial narrative of your family life.


As each book is individually designed pricing is bespoke and varies with the number of pages.

Prices start at £355 for a 100 page book containing approximately 200/220 photos. You are welcome to include more pictures, your book can have as many pages as needed!

Printed on premium 190gsm paper these hard back keepsake books are 30x30cm or 33x28cm.




Love your memories and give them a place to shine, let’s get that family album started.

This is professional photo preservation by angels with dirty faces photography, Hertfordshire family photographer.

You can contact me by using the links below and also visit here to see more of what I do.


 As a little add on I would highly recommend The Little Square Gallery.

Perfect as an idea to get your photos off your phone and onto your walls (as well as into a book!) Their products look gorgeous and have been used by photographer friends of mine.

Unsurprisingly, I have been after one of their framed galleries for a while now…must get round to that!!!


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