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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Favourites 2020

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s been a tough year. However, there has been gorgeous snippets of light amongst the darkness. Alice and Andy’s wedding day at Houchins Farm was a day of light and love. Double win! As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer it was easy to pick my favourites of 2020. Subsequently, I’m sharing them here with my reasons why I’ve chosen them.

Hertfordshire Wedding Confetti Shot

Hertfordshire wedding photographer takes the confetti shot

Firstly I have to say, I’m a sucker for a confetti shot. Put simply, they are always full of fun and joy. As the nerves from the wedding morning dissipate, this moment is a dream to photograph. As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, this confetti shot is firmly amongst my favourites for 2020

A Wedding Hug Full of Love.

Favourite mother of the bride shot of 2020 wedding photography

Honestly, I can feel this hug when I look at this photograph. In my opinion Hertfordshire wedding photography should make you feel something. Whether it’s a happy emotion or sad or funny. Wedding photography needs to evoke something in the viewer. Documenting weddings well, means waiting skilfully for these moments. Experience helps to predict when they will happen. This photo makes me feel the love that this brides mum has for her.

Continuing Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Favourites 2020.

Behind the scenes wedding photography, hertfordshire wedding photographer at houchins wedding

Importantly, I am going to tell the story of your wedding day. This means documenting all that is going on. Obviously I took this photo without including the figures in the foreground. However, I have quickly moved back to include them in a subsequent shot. Thus helping to set the scene, to show all that is going on. Your wedding day is full of important to you. This photo includes the mother of the groom taking her shot. It also includes the lovely videographer and Rex. Rex is the brides nephew and he featured pretty heavily in many photos. Largely due to the fact that he loves photography and just had to be a part of what was going on.

Documenting the Fun and Action.

Hertfordshire wedding photographer  captures groom throwing nephew at houchins  wedding in 2020

This Hertfordshire wedding was a small affair. Due to COVID only 30 guests were allowed. Consequently the day was all about family. I love how this shot depicts the growing bond Andy has with Alices nephew. Full of boisterous fun and laughter. An added bonus for me was Rex’s sister echoing Andy’s expression!

I’m a Wedding Photographer Looking for Emotion.

groom cries as his bride makes her hertfordshire wedding speech

Unexpectedly, Alice made a speech. As a result, Andy ended up a little emotional. On the whole it was a pretty emotive day anyway. These two had postponed their day from earlier in the year. This wedding was a long awaited one. Add to that a little (ahem!) alcohol mixed with relief and the tears started to flow. Emotion in wedding photography=an absolute must.I’m going to document your day honestly and as it unfolds.

Favourite Funny Hertfordshire Wedding Photography from 2020.

funny capture of baby and his mum making faces

No wedding photographer should miss out capturing humour. It’s in abundance in any wedding day. I smile every time I see this little mans expression. Wouldn’t you love to know what’s going through his mind? Again, I’ve predicted and waited, knowing that sooner or later I’m going to get a shot. Children at weddings are priceless. Always providing opportunities for funny wedding photography moments.

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