Herts Newborn Photography

Herts Newborn Photography captures a collage of newborn moments

It’s time to get yourself some Herts newborn photography!

Having your newborn around is one of the most treasured moments of life. However, you may not completely realise this at the time. Possibly, you’ll be sleep deprived. Similarly, you may have little or no time for yourself. You may even have had a traumatic birth. And consequently feeling under par. None the less it is a time worth documenting. That is to say it’s so special, yet so fleeting.

Before you know it that little bundle will be different. Sure, they are still your baby.  But, they will change as quickly as the seasons. Subsequently, as the pressures of everyday life continue no doubt, you will soon forgot all the tiny things.

Herts Newborn Photography captures close up of baby's tiny feet and hands

Tiny newborn baby yawns during her photography session

Natural Newborn Photography

As a Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer I strive to capture this short period in your lives in an honest, natural and emotive way. I want to see the connections between you and your baby, not posed, perfect smiles. Life isn’t posed. It’s mostly a muddle, especially with a baby in the house. I want to capture your baby and all their tiny expressions, as well as their tiny fingers and toes!

mother thing to sooth a crying newborn during a hertfordshire newborn photo shoot

If they’re asleep I will photograph them asleep…if they’re awake I will photography them awake. In the same breath, if you need to feed or change them I will happily continue to document this. However, this will be in an unobtrusive way, keeping your modesty in mind. I want my photos to be real. When you look back on them you remember all the “stuff”. After all, you’re never getting this time back.

newborn baby girl just waking from a deep sleep

tiny newborn baby boy asleep on the sofa taken by angels with dirty faces photography

Herts newborn photography sessions are relaxed and take place in your home. We do things on your terms, where you feel at ease. In addition, siblings are welcome too. After all they were here first!

big brother watching his baby sister crying hertfordshire newborn photographer

Although your newborn may not want to share the limelight!

Nor too the family pet…

hertfordshire newborn photoshop where the dog got in the shot too

Photos are the visual narrative of our lives. Therefore it’s important to get in the frame, get your family in the frame.  Don’t let these moments pass you by.

newborn baby fast asleep in hertfordshire

Newborn shoots are one of my favourites. Clearly,  I’d just love to hear from you if you are looking for Herts Newborn Photography

You can visit this page to get in touch.

Furthermore, if you’d like to keep up to date with my photography projects you could follow me. find my Facebook page here and my Instagram here.

two big brothers holding their newborn baby sister during a hertfordshire newborn shoot

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