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choosing the perfect bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquet by Andrew Flemming

How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet.

So you’re in the midst of planning your wedding day. How totally exciting! There’s a hell of a lot to think about, and so many decisions to make. One question you will be asking is how to choose your wedding bouquet. I mean, this is all new to you so where do you start? Keep reading for top tips to help you on your way.

tips to help choose a bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet by Heaven Scent

Where Do I Begin?

Simply put, your dress has to come first! Influenced strongly by your style of dress, choosing your wedding bouquet will come second. Your wedding bouquet has to compliment your dress in both design and colour.

Gilly Bean from Gilly Bean Flowers says…”If you have already chosen your wedding dress and those of your bridesmaids, use these for inspiration when it comes to defining the colour palette for your bouquet.  The colours and flower varieties in your bouquet should ideally be reflected throughout the florals on your big day, using beautiful seasonal flowers wherever possible.”

Consider that the bigger dress you have the bigger bouquet you’ll likely need. A single stem would be lost. Similarly a sleek and simple dress design will be complimented by a smaller bouquet so as not to be over powered.

Rebecca Marsala from Rebecca Marsala Flowers has some helpful suggestions too…”The shape of your bouquet is often dependant on your dress. A classic full skirt is often balanced by a posy style bouquet – round rather than trailing. This doesn’t mean you have to have a neat posy – it can be made much more natural and flowing with delicate ferns and other foliage to give a softer edge to the bouquet. Whereas a more fitted dress might be more suited to an elegant trailing bouquet – again, this doesn’t need to look too rigid, there is a big emphasis on nature and movement right now, soft foliage trails in a more natural style, rather than the classic teardrop with a very defined shape.”

how to choose your wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquet and buttonhole by Gilly Bean Flowers.

How do You Choose Your Bouquet Colours?

As well as blending your bouquet into your dress design, there are other factors that will determine your bouquet colour options. You will definitely want to consider your grooms clothing choices as well as his groomsmen. Furthermore you could be swayed by a favourite flower and feel strongly that this must be worked into the over all design.

Kim from Bloom in Gorgeous, Flowers by Kim likes to meet potential clients for a nice pot of tea to discuss their options…

“When I meet a couple for the first time, I invite them to my house where it’s relaxed with no time pressure over a pot of tea as I think it’s more personable.
I start by asking the couple about colour schemes and ideas about flowers that they may have. It’s important every thing blends in together colour wise to match suits, ties , brides dress, colour of bridesmaids etc. I am quite honest about my thoughts as I want everything on the day to be perfect for the couple. They will be looking at their wedding pictures for years. It all needs to look fab and blend beautifully together!”

brightly coloured wedding bouquet

Should I Choose in Season Flowers for my Wedding Bouquet?

Flowers are seasonal. This means that if you are choosing flowers that aren’t in season they might be more tricky to get hold of and also cost you more. Big consideration, especially if on a budget. Peonies are typically a favourite wedding bouquet flower choice. Unfortunately they can be a little illusive at certain times of the year.

Kim @ Bloom in Gorgeous advises…”I give ideas on design and flower choice, and of course flower availability. As long as the colours are right, most brides I work with are very relaxed about which flowers I use. This makes my job a lot easier as I can choose flowers that are available. Of course, the prices greatly fluctuate throughout the year. However, a bride may say she’d like peonies for a march wedding which are not available. In that case I would advise against that choice. I’ve always managed to deliver and have very happy clients!”

how to choose the best bridal bouquet for your wedding day

Flowers by Lamberts

How do I Consider the Shape of my Wedding Bouquet?

Kindly, Gilly @ Gilly Bean Flowers has more advice on how to choose your wedding bouquet…”

Round, asymmetrical or trailing? The shape of your bouquet is dependant on the style, shape & detail of your dress.  It should compliment rather than compete so keep your bouquet in proportion to your height & size. Furthermore, don’t let it overwhelm you or hide any of the beautiful intricate details on your dress.  As a guide, your bouquet should be narrower than your waist.

Wild & natural or compact & round? Again it is important to take into consideration the design of your dress when choosing the style of your bouquet but also think about the overall look & feel of your wedding and how your bouquet will work with the other florals in your venue.”  

The list of different shapes and styles of bouquet can be quite daunting. It’s a long list and includes posy bouquets, trailing bouquets, rustic, nosegay bouquet and crescents. Ask your florist, they’ll love to inspire you!

the bull at gerard's cross wedding bouquet

Bouquet by Seventh Heaven

What Other Factors Might Help me Choose?

Your wedding is an extension of you and so therefore, is every choice you make for the day. It’s your expression and your personality and your style. Go with what you love!

Remember to consider if you or anyone close has flower allergies. Dried flower alternatives and silk options are out there.

If someone close to you or a lost one isn’t able to attend add a little trinket or locket to your bouquet so they can be with you in spirit.

Different flowers have different meanings. My favourite Lily of the Valley means purity, whilst Marigolds mean cruelty, grief and jealousy. Who knew?!

Factor in your budget and let your florist know. They can guide you towards what you can afford. Making your choices realistic and viable.

Rebecca Marsala points out “British grown flowers, reducing carbon footprints and embracing nature by choosing seasonal flowers is certainly on the up. It might be an idea to research which flowers are in season and ask your florist if they could be incorporated.”

how to choose a bridal bouquet

Dried flower bouquet by The Artisan Dried Flower Company

When do I Need to Book my Wedding Flowers?

Once your venue and date are secure start searching for suppliers that you love. It won’t hurt to check in with them , give them your date and come back to them once you have your dress. You don’t want to miss out on your perfect vendor! None the less if you have planned your perfect day in just a couple of months many florists will be happy to fit you in at short notice if they can. It’s worth asking! As a guide 6-12 months is a good time.

choose the perfect wedding bouquet

Where can I find Wedding Inspiration?

Personally my favourite place to go is either Pinterest or Instagram. Packed full of visuals and ideas, both are my “go to” place of dreams!

Rebecca Marsala from Rebecca Marsala Flowers suggests “When choosing your bridal bouquet, there’s lots to consider. Social media and platforms like Pinterest are a great way to browse bouquets and get to know which styles you are drawn to. It might even be that you learn which style you don’t like, which is a great starting point for your florist. It’s always good to know what to avoid!”

choosing a bridal bouquet

Classic flowers by Ambience Venue Styling

Wedding bouquet case Study

“Claire and Nathan chose blush pink and ivory for a romantic, feminine look. Nathan is Australian and asked if we could incorporate some native Australian flowers. The main flowers were Roses and Dahlia which were in season in September, for the Australian flowers I used Eucalyptus and Chamelaucium, it’s common name is Wax Flower and true to the name, has a waxy feel to the petals which form tiny daisies. These small flowers may not have been noticeable by guests, but were a subtle nod to Nathan’s home which both Nathan and Claire really appreciated. The Wax Flower and Eucalyptus were also present in Nathan’s buttonhole. Claire’s bouquet was a classic posy style with various smaller flowers, including Astilbe, Astrantia and miniature Roses to break up the solid look of the larger Roses and Dahlia.” 

how to choose a bridal bouquet

Wedding flowers by Rebecca Marsala

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Wedding bouquet by Aunty Barbara!