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How To Plan a Wedding Quickly…

Tips From a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer! Anything is possible, even arranging a wedding within a short time frame. Therefore, if you’re looking to plan a wedding quickly, take heed of the following advice and tips and you’ll smash it. Ultimately the key is to keep it simple. However, that doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on anything. Your big day can still be all you’d dreamed it would be. Happily, it might even turn out to be cheaper! Thus leaving you both with more money to splurge on a honeymoon or home.

Guests throw confetti at Hertfordshire wedding planned at the last minute

1.Plan Your Wedding Efficiently

So you’ve got limited time, so being super efficient is important. Firstly you’ll need to give notice of marriage, you need to do the legal bits first. The time frame for this will vary, depending on where you live. In the UK you’ll need to do this at least 28 days prior to the wedding date. In my experience registrars tend to get booked up pretty quickly, so contact them as soon as possible to book your slot. Remember not to panic if they’re busy. Importantly there is always a solution. Humanist or celebrant led ceremonies are increasingly popular and having them as an alternative will open up options to you. The wonderful Charlotte at Charlotte Roscow Civil Ceremonies will be happy to explain your options.

A celebrant is a great option to consider if you want to plan a wedding quickly

2.Plan Your Wedding Budget

Crucially this is (almost) top of the list. Every bride and groom has a budget in mind. Remember what it is and stick to it. At the very least this will help make some of your choices easier. When planning a wedding you’ll be over run with decisions and choices. Helpfully keeping within a budget can either rule some things and set your priorities. Allocate your hard earned cash to the most important areas of your wedding first. This will almost always include the venue, catering and photographer. Bear in mind though, that it’s your day and only you can decide what’s most important to you.

Keeping your guest list small helps to plan a wedding quickly

3.Invite Your Guests to Your Wedding!

Bit of an obvious one, this one! Without a doubt though, this has to be done asap after you’ve set your date. A good idea when planning a wedding quickly is to request a fast RSVP. That way you have a clear and concise idea of numbers that you’ll be catering for. Instead of sending out “save the dates” I’d suggest opting straight for wedding invitations. It appears that choosing this way saves both money and time. Whilst it’s wonderful to have bespoke designed wedding invitations, perhaps in really tight time frames you can consider an “off the shelf” variety. Impressively, I’ve seen Kelly at Pink Peony Weddings supply beautiful wedding stationary at short notice. Definitely drop her a line! Alternatively, Etsy is a great go to for an instant fix of all things wedding related, including invites.

Bespoke wedding invites may not be an option if you want to plan a wedding quickly

4.Get Help to Plan a Wedding Quickly

I realise that all of this might be frying your brain already! If that’s the case and wedding planning isn’t for you, you can always enlist the help of a wedding planner. Undoubtably, with their contacts and experience they’ll get your day sorted in no time. Certainly each wedding planner will have a list of preferred suppliers ready to contact, taking the hard work away from you. At the same time saving you time. Hannah at Hannah Rose Weddings and Events offers several packages to help plan the perfect wedding day.

Homemade cakes at a wedding planned quickly

5.Contact Wedding Suppliers

Generally speaking wedding suppliers get booked up months ahead, especially during the summer months. Bear in mind though, that both venues and suppliers can work during the week. A mid week wedding is always a possibility and will make it easier to book your favoured suppliers at short notice. As a rule, I like to meet all my couples before the big day. I think it’s important that we have connected and spent a little time together. However, not all vendors will be able to do this at short notice. Certainly though, with all parties being flexible phone conversations and video calls can be great time savers and a compromise in this case.

A homemade wedding day is ideal for a last minute wedding

6.Be Flexible With Wedding Plans

With reference to the above paragraph, you’ll need to be open and flexible. For instance, don’t get stuck on the details. If you can’t find a cake maker that you like, perhaps you could buy a shop bought cake and decorate it yourself. Similarly, you could ask your florist to do some flowers for it. On the same note, if your florist can’t get the flowers you love at short notice, take her suggestions on what might work. In the same vein catering choices are endless. There’s a plethora of options available to you, outside caterers come in all shapes and sizes. You may have had your heart set on a sit down dinner, but consider the fun of changing to a casual tea party or bbq! Another tip if your make up artist is booked, try booking in at a local department store make up counter. They will make you up, in return you will have to purchase a make up product.

A buffet is a good choice for a last minute wedding day

7.Get Dressed For Your Wedding

Now, a handmade wedding dress probably isn’t going to fit into the time frame. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to feel amazing. Many bridal shops open late during bust times, phone ahead and make that appointment. Not only will you have the bridal shop option, you also have mail order and high street. Ordering online opens up your ability to try on dresses in your own time and in abundance! Be creative here, try vintage finds and brands such as Needle and Thread for affordable and unique designs.

8.Get All The Wedding Help You Can

It stands to reason the family and friends will be dying to help. So, make use of them. Perhaps they can be involved with making decorations for the venue. Leaving you time for other things. There are so many ideas for handmade wedding venue decorations on Pinterest, you’ll be there all day! Play to their strengths, do you have a relative who can bake? Maybe a friend who is great at crafting or artistic with flowers. Whatever you need, I’m sure they will be willing and pleased to be involved.

9.A Wedding That’s Relaxed

Finally, go with the flow. Wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times. To plan a wedding quickly can exaggerate the stress. That’s why not sweating the small stuff counts here. The most important thing is that you are marrying the one you love, surrounded by your favourite people. That’s what counts on the day. So, enjoy the run up to your wedding. Keep your plans fluid and enjoy your day evolving. Whatever the outcome, you’ll have the best day regardless of whether your bouquet wasn’t the colour you first wanted.

10.Drop Me a Line!

To conclude, I’ll just add that I’d love to chat over your plans. Last minute or not, I’ll endeavour to fit in your wedding photography. I’m Hertfordshire based, but willing to travel wherever your day might take me.Specialising in reportage style wedding photography, I’m aiming to capture the authentic essence of your wedding day.

What’s more, I can offer help, advice and recommend suppliers to help with your plans. There’s a wealth of information on my blog, just look under “Wedding Photography” Also, visiting this page will ensure you get an idea of what I offer.

Finally, it’s easy to get in touch, drop me a line on this page here. I’ll be in touch!

First dance at hertfordshire wedding day