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Luton Hoo Wedding Featuring The (secret) Walled Garden

Saki and Freddie were looking for a Luton Hoo wedding photographer. I’m so thrilled that they came my way. Unbeknown to us all, it was to be the start of a mini wedding adventure. It is said by some that rules are made to be broken. Thankfully for these two, I’m a true advocate of that! (In a no harm meant to anyone kind of way!)

So, the story starts with a wedding brief that was a bit different to what I usually offer. Saki was keen to spend most of our time together concentrating on some beautiful couple shots. Ordinarily I shoot most of the wedding day candidly, focusing on the natural moments unobtrusively. They chose Luton Hoo for their reception venue as they loved the grounds and house as a backdrop to their wedding pictures.

But firstly, their wedding ceremony happened at the rather grand Chesthunt registry Office.

Micro Wedding Photography Package

Sadly, Saki’s family weren’t able to make the wedding. Unable to travel from Japan, their only option was to watch the wedding ceremony on a live stream. However, they were all there in spirit gathered around a laptop clearly enjoying the moments! I was there to capture all this happening. Interestingly, my micro wedding photography package includes three hours coverage. That’s enough time to cover some key moments of your small wedding day.

Luton Hoo Wedding Photography

After the wedding ceremony we headed to Luton Hoo. Freddie and Saki had booked afternoon tea, an evening meal and a room there. Hoping to head into the grounds upon arrival we were shocked to hear that they were unable to do so. Apparently, a pre arranged wedding photography package needed to be bought to ensure wedding photography can happen there. No exceptions allowed. I won’t go into what I personally thought about that decision by the Luton Hoo manager at the time…

Consequently, as Their Luton Hoo wedding photographer I had to think on my feet. And think fast. Thankfully, I had a solution. Albeit a pretty unconventional one!

Authentic Wedding Photography Moments

Just by chance, the week before the wedding, I’d discovered a hidden gem. Coincidently, this hidden gem is just up the road from the Luton Hoo estate. I have to add, it’s private property, but I didn’t know that at the time. There was nothing for it, but to sweep Freddie and Saki off to this beautiful location. As their Luton Hoo wedding photographer I felt totally responsible to pull something out of the bag to salvage the portraits they desired. Thankfully, I pulled it off!

The Walled Gardens at Luton Hoo

Subsequently, I discovered that you can go and visit The Walled Gardens at Luton Hoo. And believe me, they are truly worth a visit. Find out more about that here. In addition, you can even choose to get married there. The Conservatory at the Luton Hoo Walled Garden is an idyllic setting for your wedding day. Hop on over to their website here to discover your options. In my opinion the surrounding gardens and countryside are the perfect backdrop to your wedding day photography.

Are You Looking For a (Luton Hoo) Wedding Photographer?

Undoubtably I’d love to be considered as your wedding photographer. I’m based in Hertfordshire, but happy to travel where ever your day might take me. Even if that day is different to the one you had planned, I’ll be ready for it! I’ll capture your wedding day unobtrusively, but if you want to spend time on some charming portraits, I’ll happily oblige. I’m flexible, professional, relaxed and come with a trick or two up my sleeve…just in case.

Drop me a line and I’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can find more wedding information on my home page. And finally, view many more real weddings over on my wedding blog.

A Few Kind Words

“Thank you for really helping us out! Your back up plan was really helpful, thanks again for everything.

The photos look brilliant, you have done an amazing job with them!

Thank you so much for everything! We are really thrilled with how the photos turned out.

We are really happy we chose you to take the pictures for our wedding. All loved your kindness and photographs!

Thank you again xxx”

Bride arrives at her Luton Hoo wedding in a white rolls royce
Bride adjusts grooms button hole before the wedding ceremony
Brides family set up the live stream before the luton hoo wedding ceremony
bride and groom exchange vows at their luton hoo wedding
exchange of rings at luton hoo wedding
photographing the exchange of rings
luton hoo wedding photograper captures glances between bride and groom
luton hoo wedding guests watch via live stream
bride and groom stand arm in arm at their luton hoo wedding
sunflowers provide a colourful backdrop for luton hoo wedding photographer
bride and groom kiss after their luton hoo wedding
luton hoo wedding photographer documents detail picture of bridal bouquet
bride and groom dance during their luton hoo wedding photography
family celebrate luton hoo wedding
luton hoo wedding photographer captures quiet moment between bride and groom