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Maternity Photoshoot in Hertfordshire

Being pregnant is one of life BIG experiences! It’s a unique time and one that most definitely needs to be documented. A maternity photoshoot in Hertfordshire will capture you in all your most splendid glory. How amazing is it that we can create a whole other human being inside us? That’s pretty awesome isn’t it?

A big belly close up during a maternity photoshoot in Hertfordshire

A Maternity Photoshoot That’s Natural and Relaxed

Just like all my other photography, my maternity photoshoot is laid back and relaxed. I like to document you as you are. Therefore, there’s no airs and graces here! Whether you choose to come alone or with your partner, I’m looking to create beautiful pictures that will be cherished. After all, this might be one of the last snippets of time you have to yourself for a while! With that in mind, it’s important to me that you enjoy our time together and that you feel nurtured. You are doing an incredible thing, let me document you doing it.

Pregnant mum sits for a maternity photoshoot in outdoors location in Hertfordshire

Maternity Photoshoot at Home or Outdoors

Importantly, you must feel comfortable and relaxed during our maternity photoshoot. Consequently, you might feel happy surrounded by your creature comforts at home. Alternatively, an outdoor session might be favoured. As a result of photographing outdoors your photography can reflect the time of year that your baby joined us in the world. I especially love to photograph a maternity session outdoors at key times of the year. For instance, in Springtime when the bluebells are out, as in these photos. Similarly, Autumn, Summer and Winter all have elements that make for great maternity photography.

bluebells create the perfect backdrop for a hertfordshire maternity photoshoot

Making Memories Last With Photography

Interestingly, every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique. Whilst one woman might feel at the top of her game, another might be struggling. However, whatever you’re feeling it’s a feeling that’ll pass. As will your memories of this special time in your life as woman. A maternity photoshoot leaves you with a tangible reminder of this precious time. Now, that might not seem so important now, but believe me, as time passes, you’ll be thrilled that you had it documented. Whether you’re blooming or just feeling blooming awful, make time to do this for yourself. I’m quite sure that you’ll back on your photos and remember just how awesome you were. Let’s face it, we all need a reminder of that from time to time!

black and white maternity photography in hertfordshire woods

The Nitty Gritty

Firstly, you can find out more about what I do by heading to my home page here. I’d suggest it’s a good place to start! In addition, you can follow along on my Facebook and Instagram to keep in the loop.

Secondly, have a little nosey at a few package options. My main package page is here. It’s worth bearing in mind that I do offer seasonal packages too. These will include a shorter photoshoot session and are priced accordingly.

Thirdly, we’ll need to chat. We will discuss your options and make a plan from there. It’s easy to get in touch, you can hop to this page to leave me a message. I’ll be in touch!

I can’t wait for our connection!

maternity portrait in hertfordshire woodland
pregnant mum lies in the woodland holding her maternity bump
Hertfordshire maternity photographer captures new mum holding her bump tenderly
Blossom creates a pretty backdrop for maternity session

Some Extra Useful Information

Luckily, my maternity and newborn photography has introduced me to some amazing people. These are inspiring and informative individuals who are experts in their fields. I have written a short blog post which includes them all. To read it click here. It’s full of useful hints and tips to help you on your maternity and birth journey. Good luck, I hope it helps!

Also, if you love my maternity photography and want to explore my newborn photography, click here. Wishing your new little bundle a safe arrival. I’d love to meet them when they’ve arrived.