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Micro Wedding : All you Need to Know

all you need to know about micro weddings

Are you now thinking of a micro wedding rather than the day you first envisaged? (Thank you Covid!)

Whilst some couples have decided to postpone their wedding days, other couples plan to go ahead no matter what. Therefore learning to be flexible and to go with the flow is a lesson worth noting. Read on to learn all you need to know about adapting your plans to suit Covid rules and restrictions.

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What Is a Micro Wedding

Firstly, to define a micro wedding.

A micro wedding is one that has a far smaller guest list than your average wedding day. Typically under 30 guests. Of course this year, that has even been reduced to 15 guests. But fear not, having an awesome day is still super possible.

In fact, micro weddings aren’t “the new normal”. They’ve been around for years. Alternative couples have chosen this kind of day as their first choice. Opting to have a more relaxed, less traditional white wedding.

30 guests attend Hertfordshire micro wedding

Embrace the Intimacy.

Importantly, having fewer people present at your wedding day means you get to spend quality time with all who attend. Presumably, you’ll invite the people closest to you. These are your favourites, enjoy them. Similarly, these are the people who are going to find real joy in seeing your happiness.

If you have already made a guest list and need to strip it back, stick to inviting just your inner circle. This might include immediate family and one or two really close friends.

However, if you are struggling with leaving people off the list perhaps consider an alternative. Many couples are planning bigger parties in the months to come. Opting to invite all who have missed the day to a “wedding celebration” once restrictions are lifted.

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Where do I Host my Micro Wedding?

Have you booked your venue already? Interestingly, many venues have smaller rooms that you might be able to use. Adapting your venue is a great option if you have already chosen where to host your wedding day. However, if you are tied in already and not able to make changes you still have options.

Given that you won’t need to decorate so many tables, go lavish on the few you do have. Add an abundance of flowers, candles and fairy lights. Making your table cosy and luxurious will help to create intimacy in a large room.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to change your venue the options are endless. Fewer guests can open up wedding venues that might not have been possible before. You could chose a private room in a beautiful restaurant, you can hire a whole pub. Likewise, if you’re considering something outdoors a tipi makes a great setting.

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How Not to Compromise.

So, you’ve already chosen to compromise on numbers. Consequently, you shouldn’t need to compromise elsewhere. Presumably, having a smaller wedding will free up some of your budget. Why not treat yourselves? How about discussing the things most important to you. You may have dreamed of that amazing dress, but not been able to stretch the funds. Perhaps you’ve found a photographer that was slightly out of budget?

Now is the time to spend your budget on what matters most to you both. Use it wisely, make it count.

Interestingly, the government says that your photographer doesn’t count as one of your guests.

Just saying!

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Throw Out the Rule Book

Lastly, I’d suggest just going your own way. Take this opportunity to really re think how you’d like your wedding day to be. You can break from tradition in these “unprecedented” times. You may have always dreamed of an evening candle lit wedding. On the other hand, a laid back wedding in the forest might be your thing. Now is the time to get imaginative.

Cutting back your numbers doesn’t mean you have to cut back on creativity. For instance, you give all your guests a role to play so they feel totally included. For example poems to read or a short sentence they’ve written about each of you.

Be different. Did you want a doughnut tower wedding cake but worries it would feed 100? Now is the time to go for it. Do your day, your way. You won’t get this chance again.

Let’s embrace the Micro Wedding. After all a wedding isn’t a show. It’s about you and your partner and your love.

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Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

I’m a wedding photographer based in Hertfordshire. I love to photograph awesome people having an awesome time. So, if you’re planning A Do or an I DO I’d love to chat this over with you.

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