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Mobile Phone Photography Tips Hertfordshire Family Photographer

boy throws snowball at photographer captured with a mobile phone.

There are a few simple ways to take your mobile phone photography to another level. My mobile phone photography tips will help you understand composition. Not only that, I’ll also help you look out for details that will elevate your shot from normal to eye catching. Crucially, you don’t need a high spec camera to take awesome photos. Just a little imagination and knowledge of a few basic rules. However, it’s important to remember that rules are meant to be broken! Photograph what you love, photograph what you see.

Photograph to illustrate negative space for mobile phone photography tips

Mobile Phone Photography, The Technical Bit.

Firstly, I’d advise that you get to know your mobile phone camera and how it works! At the very least, knowing how to fix focus and exposure is a good place to start. Ordinarily, to focus your mobile phone camera just tap on the area in the frame that you want in focus. Similarly, it’s easy to adjust the exposure. By default and on auto exposure your camera will set exposure to what it thinks is best. Importantly, this might not be right for you. To over ride manual exposure, tap on the screen as if to focus. Then, you’ll see a little sun icon to the side of the focus square. Adjust the exposure for your frame by lifting up or down.

mobile phone photography in hertfordshire illustrating leading lines

Back to Mobile Phone Photography Composition Tips.

As previously mentioned there are a few basic composition rules to bear in mind when photographing. Follow these to help create well balanced and striking mobile phone images. Work your way through this tutorial to learn some priceless tips for better mobile phone photography.

Photographer uses leading lines to create striking mobile phone photography in hertfordshire

1. Photograph From a Low Angle

Most commonly people will just stand and shoot. However, by getting low, your perspective changes and already you have a picture that’s more unusual. Thus more eye catching. It’s good to think outside the box! On the same note, you can always choose to shoot from above. Trying a new angle will keep your photos fresh. Another reason to shoot low might be to hide unwanted background distractions. Thus keeping your subject uncluttered and the main focus.

hertfordshire photographer captures boy in poppy fields on her mobile phone
mobile phone photography showing a tip on keeping low
rainbow zebra crossing and child feet shot on a mobile phone

2. Use Your Mobile Phone to Create Negative Space

Filling your photography frame with clutter is a common mistake. Therefore, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Negative space is a term used to describe an empty part of your frame. Subsequently allowing the focus of the frame have more impact. Play around with this idea, mixing up where you like the negative space to be. An empty frame with one small detail can have real impact.

mobile phone photography tips
sunset walk along the beach photograph shows negative space in mobile phone photography
illustrating negative space for mobile phone photography tips

3. Add Layers to Your Mobile Phone Photography

This is one of my favourite tips to improve mobile phone photography! Adding layers to your photos is a great way to show depth and interest. Firstly, by helping to lead the viewer into the frame. Secondly, by keeping them in the frame. An easy way to include this is to make sure you show some foreground detail. Such things as foliage, edges of buildings or part of a person are all great to use. Including a foreground, a middle ground and background will make truly three dimensional images.

Three dimensional image including foreground to illustrate mobile phone photography tips
mobile phone photography tips

4. Experiment With Leading Lines

Leading lines are essential for directing a viewer straight to your subject. They don’t have to be straight. Rather they just draw a viewer towards a specific part of your frame. Thus helping to create a more visually purposeful image. As well as adding to the sense of depth in your photo. Look out for paths, fences, staircases or streams. These all work as leading lines.

zebra crossing illustrates leading lines used in mobile phone photography
corn fields blowing in the summer sun create leading lines for mobile phone photography
a winding path illustrates leading lines in mobile phone photo

5. Easy Top Tip Look Out For Shadows

Keeping an eye out for shadows whilst photographing is an easy yet effective way to give your photography a little wow. Typically shadows are more apparent when the sun is low. Couple that with some golden hour glow and you’re winning!

If you are using shadows to improve your mobile phone photography be sure to include enough of the shadow. On the same note, be sure to expose correctly for the shadow. You might find that adjusting your exposure slightly darker helps to define them.

shadows captured by hertfordshire photographer
shadows from trees in the snow

6. Mobile Phone Photography That Embraces the Silhouette

Luckily this is so easy to do on your mobile phone. In addition, in my opinion, it’s super impressive to look at. Simply find yourself a dramatic sky and pop something or someone in front of it. It’s also helpful to get down low. This avoids distractions leaving just your subject and the sky. However, if you don’t have a dramatic sky, fear not. Similarly, a bright or overcast sky works too. Furthermore, you can experiment with other light sources. Just expose for the light and shoot away, ensuring your light source is behind your subject.

silhouettes of children in the sunset taken on a mobile phone
silhouette of walk on the beach

7. Reflections Add Interest

Shadows are a wonderful addition to mobile phone photography. Interestingly, they often go unspotted. None the less, once you start noticing them you’ll see them everywhere. Obviously the first place that springs to mind is water. Nevertheless, look out for reflections for your mobile phone photography in various things, such as glass, mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

Choose whether you’d like to photography just the reflection, or the whole scene. Sometimes just the reflection can create a stunning abstract picture. Then again, including both and the symmetry that brings, always looks great.

reflections in a lake create a symmetrical photo
reflections under a bridge
reflections of a house in a canal

8. Use Framing to Improve Your Mobile Phone Pictures

Personally, framing is one of my favourite photography tips. I look out for interesting objects to frame my subject. Notably, this is something I do with all my photography. A natural frame within your frame cleverly adds context and interest. Additionally you’ll see how this adds depth and dimension.

canoeist taken on a mobile phone
child framed by a bridge
two walkers framed by a hedge

Think Outside the Box

Now of course, applying the above composition rules will dramatically improve your mobile phone photography. However, aren’t rules meant to be broken?!

Firstly, have fun. Photograph what you love and enjoy your photography. Secondly shake things up a little. Experiment with focus, perhaps focus on the unexpected. In the same breath you could try mixing up some exposure rules. Don’t be afraid to under or over expose for artistic effect.

sunset captured through a window on a mobile phone

10. Choose to Edit Your Photos

Importantly, getting your photography right in camera is key to great mobile phone photos. Undoubtably though, a little editing is the final touch. There are many free editing apps for you to choose from. My favourite by far is VSCO. I choose the same few editing pre sets for all my mobile phone photography. Thus keeping a consistent look throughout my images.

feeding the chickens on a hertfordshire walk

To conclude

By using the above mobile phone photography tips is sure to take your photos to another level. Simply by taking a moment to consider these few hints on composition and adding these components when shooting will improve each shot. And the beauty of it all is, you always have your mobile phone on you, so there’s no excuse!

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