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Natural Hertfordshire Newborn Photography at Home

This perfectly formed little human was just a few days old when I captured his natural newborn photography in Hertfordshire. Needless to say, he was still just a tiny bundle, still sleepy and still semi curled up. Obviously, this short period in a newborn’s life is priceless and very fleeting. Thus giving you the perfect reason to document it, and yourselves within it. After all, it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye, memories easily blurred by sleepless nights!

Keeping Your Newborn Photography Natural

My newborn photography is very natural and very authentic. I’m not into posing you, preferring to photograph your connections and your vibe. Therefore, our session together will be baby led, very relaxed and laid back. Typically, throughout the shoot your newborn will have moments where he/she is awake and others where they’re sleeping. We will just go with the flow and I will work around this, leaving you with a varied collection of images which show this small snippet in time. A tangible reminder of those first few precious hazy weeks.

Newborn Photography at Home

Interestingly, I never grow tired of photographing newborn babies. In my opinion, the best place to do this is as home. Of course, this is where you all feel most relaxed. Not only that though, your home creates the perfect backdrop to your pictures. Perfectly depicting the scene, complete with newborn paraphernalia. Most definitely adding to the personality of your photos, I don’t see it as clutter. More so, items that in time become more special as the years past. Think about old photos of you as kids and the warm nostalgia you might feel when you spot an old teddy, a pair of shoes, your comforter.

Top Tips For Newborn Photography

I think it’s safe to say that all my newborn photography families have found the experience enjoyable and pretty relaxing. I guess the reason for this is because all you need to be is yourselves. I’ll encourage you to be with your newborn, to make a fuss of them, just as you would if I wasn’t around. It’s really that simple!

Another piece of advice, have a few clothing changes to hand. Not only is it nice to mix it up a bit, but also good to have standby outfits in case of leaking bodily fluids! That is relevant for both you and your newborn!

For more information and tips for natural newborn photography you can pop to this page.

Hertfordshire Family Photographer

Of course, your family might extend further than just you guys and your newborn. Rebecca and Oscar wanted their four legged baby in some shots too. I’m happy to oblige, always. Similarly, if you have older kids who want a bit of the limelight, they’re welcome too. You can find an example of natural Hertfordshire newborn photography which includes siblings here. Alternatively, head to this post to see more newborn photography that includes four legged friends!

I’m a Hertfordshire based newborn and family photographer, but I can come further a field if needed. I’d love to hear from you, it’s easy to get in touch. Just leave me a quick message on my contact page and I’ll be in touch.

Finally, to see my most recent newborn photography and family photography head to Instagram and Facebook.