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Natural Newborn Photography at Home

natural newborn photography at home captures all those first moments together

Having a newborn burst into your life is something that turns your world upside down. It’s one of the most pivotol times in anyones life. However, documenting those first moments together might be a low priority for you. Understandably, you’ll have other things keeping you busy. Who knew that feeding and changing could fill so many hours? None the less I’d urge you to document these moments. Ordinarily so easily forgotten, yet so precious. My natural newborn photography at home ensures a stress free experience. I promise you’ll be left with pictures that you’ll cherish forever.

Choose Newborn Photography and Authenticity

Most likely you’ll be thinking that your house is a mess. Maybe you’ll be thinking that you’re in a mess! Admittedly, in a normal situation sleep deprivation isn’t the best look. But for me, these are the key things that make newborn photography authentic. I’m all about capturing the real, this is your family history in all its honest glory. I’ll put you at ease, I’ll put you in great light and let your connections with each other shine. Importantly, my newborn photography at home is full of your family vibe and your interactions with each other. I’m looking to show love and warmth and happiness. You can save your fake smiles for someone else!

natural newborn moments at home with proud parents and their baby

Documenting Your Family History

Thankfully what you might see as clutter will, in time, become those key objects that provoke a memory. Think about the old fashioned teddy in your childhood photos. Similarly that old favourite jumper that makes you smile when you see it again in a picture. Nostalgia is key here. Most definitely the nondescript objects of your lives today will become perfectly evocative. Therefore, my natural newborn photography doesn’t require the “perfect” home. Just your home. The place that you feel safe and where you can be yourselves.

mirror image of newborn and her parents at home

Newborn Photography That’s Personal to You

Without a doubt I love to take newborn photography that’s personal to you. That is to say, that it looks like no one else’s newborn photography. Whilst there’s absolutely a place for clean white studio newborn photography, you won’t be coming to me for it! Your space will personalise your gallery of images. Thus making sure that your pictures are unique to you. The featured family had previously come to me for maternity photography. You can see highlights from their maternity photo shoot here. Because of this, I already new their family vibe. I knew to expect a calm and serene welcome into their calm and serene home! However, should your house be rowdy and chaotic, I’m well practised at that too. Trust me, I’ve had four of my own!

Start Your First Family Album

Because my newborn photography is based around a lifestyle theme, it lends itself well to an album or book. To clarify, my photography tells the start of your newborn journey rather than just one stand out image. Consequently, choosing my “Photo book Package” means you get to feature all your images in one place. Find full details of my photo books here. I must add though, you’ll also find a variety stand out images within your gallery too!

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beautiful newborn baby lies in her bed at home
sleeping newborn lies on the bed at home
photography capturing proud parents looking over their newborn baby
sneezing newborn captures her parents attention
little newborn feet photographed at home
newborn photography session at home
natural newborn photography
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