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Personal Branding Photographer in Hertfordshire for Small Businesses

I’m grateful that I have many returning clients. Having previously had me to photograph her children, Danielle turned to me to be her personal branding photographer in Hertfordshire too. As an ambassador for the natural health and cosmetics company Arbonne, Danielle wanted to elevate her on line presence. Like many self employed females, Danielle juggles kids and work. That in itself is no mean feet. However, the family also have a fairly new little puppy to take care of. Clearly she doesn’t shy away from hard work!

A selection of personal branding examples showing working mum at home

Why Invest in a Personal Branding Photographer?

Interestingly as a small business owner, you are often the face of your business. Therefore it’s important to portray a message of professionalism and approachability at least. By investing in a great personal branding photographer (In Hertfordshire) you are ensuring that the images that you’re sharing show you and your business in the best possible light. Furthermore, they will help potential clients understand you and your business. Thus, helping to make you both accessible and relatable. Now, isn’t that imperative?

portrait of small business owner taken during her personal branding photography session

What’s Included in Personal Branding Photography?

Firstly we will chat over your business and your requirements. This will include the image that you want to portray to your clients. Similarly I’ll look at your website, if you already have one, to make sure that your images fit your style. Likewise, we will chat over location choices as well as clothing options. Ensuring that you are left with a bank of images that seamlessly fit your profile and needs. Importantly, I am happy to come to your work place, shoot at my home studio or on location. Simply, where ever suits best.

personal branding photographer in hertfordshire captures both product and portrait

Relaxed and Natural Personal Branding Photography

To recapitulate, Danielle wanted imagery that showed her as a mum working from home. As well as that, the product needed to be incorporated. And, in addition she needed to show a healthy harmonious lifestyle. Between us, we decided to shoot in her home and outdoors. We even managed a little impromptu portrait session with the kids before it got dark!

personal branding photographer captures work from home mum

Get in Touch!

Clearly I’d love to discuss your personal branding photography with you. It’s super easy to get in touch, just leave me a message on this page here. Alternatively if you’d like more information, including prices, head on over to this page.

To conclude, if you’d like to keep up to date with my most recent work, follow on social media. You’ll find Facebook here and Instagram here.