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The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm Hertfordshire Family Photography.


a selection of pumpkin varieties at the pop up pumpkin farm

This weekend my youngest was due a little mum attention. Therefore, as Sunday morning shone sunny and warm we decided to head out to The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm. Ultimately  searching for the perfect pumpkin.

I promised to not be so last minute this particular year. Usually he’ll be carving a rather soggy sad pumpkin.  Found in the depths of some more or less “sold out of pumpkins” supermarket! Consequently I decided, no more bad mum this year. After a quick Google search we found The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm. A short drive from us, situated near Harpenden Hertfordshire.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!


We arrived bright and early, pretty smug. Obviously expecting to be the only ones there. However, it seems most of Hertfordshire had the same idea. Although, I have to say that although busy it didn’t have that manic feel that so many kids places have.

Neither did it have that “I’m being ripped off for every penny” feel to it. The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm has free parking and free entry so it all started good.

Youngest child enjoys searching for a pumpkin

So Many Different Pumpkin Varieties to Choose From.

There were plenty of pumpkins to chose from, spread over 10 acres. Certainly, the “thing to do” is grab a wheelbarrow and hoard your gourds in that.

(See what I did there?!)

There are many different varieties and sizes, so you can grab whatever tickles your fancy. We were on a mission to find an allusive Polar Bear variety, a sort of dirty white one. Apparently, not many of them around this year due to the hot summer. We did ask to be pointed in the right direction and I’ll say now that all the staff there were super chilled out and friendly. As well as being hot shots on pumpkin knowledge .

I’m pleased to say, we found our Polar Bear.

hertfordshire family photographer captures young boy in a pumpkin field

Do You Have to Queue?

So as I said before it was busy, so there was a bit of a queue when we wanted to pay. That said though it went down really quickly. There were plenty of staff there to keeping it moving. There’s also a  little quiz you can do to keep you occupied, so swot up on random pumpkin facts if you want to impress your kids. Sadly, I didn’t, but I do know a lot more about pumpkins today than I did yesterday!

wheelbarrow fun at the pop up pumpkin farm

We visited the little pop up drinks stall afterwards and treated ourselves to a hot chocolate, it was that kind of morning! Win/win really, the youngest got his Polar Bear pumpkin and I got brownie points for quality time together.

In my opinion The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm got a win too actually.  To clarify, it was friendly and well organised and for offered something a little different. In addition it’s not too commercialised. I hope they keep it that way!

the pop up pumpkin farm

For More Pop Up Pumpkin Farm Information.

You can find out more about The Pop Up Pumpkin Farm and it’s events here. Keep scrolling to see a few images of our morning. However, there’s not too many as I had to be mindful that this was “our time” and not “photo time”. It’s all about keeping a balance 😉

a strange looking pumpkin at the pop up pumpkin farmcollecting pumpkins at the pop up pumpkin farmthe polar bear pumpkin variety at the pop up pumpkin farmboy and his pumpkin at the pop up pumpkin farm

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