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Portrait Photographer Hertfordshire

As a family and child portrait photographer in Hertfordshire, I’m always looking to do something a little different. Subsequently aiming to shake portrait photography up a bit. Based in Hertfordshire, I’m totally well placed to do this. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by the most awesome photo shoot locations. My urban portrait locations are mainly in Welwyn Garden City.

portrait photographer hertfordshire

Urban Inspired Portrait Photographer

Parents calling to enquire about my family portrait photography often say that their older kids aren’t keen on the idea. Luckily, I’m well practised in the art of “teenager”. As a result I have scoped several photo shoot locations which hopefully take the cringe away for them.

Firstly these provide a pretty cool backdrop which wouldn’t look out of place in any Instagram feed. That’s street cred right there! (By writing that I’ve definitely just lost any I might have had)

Secondly, allowing your kids to be themselves means you’re going to have striking pictures full of personality. That’s wall art for you as parents.

Importantly, and maybe this is the most important bit. I’m not going to ask any one to smile. I’m about capturing souls, not fake smiles. On the other hand though, I will make sure you get some laughing pictures.

Should the mood take us!

urban portrait photography in Hertfordshire

Family Portraits in Hertfordshire

Each of my family portrait photography packages include consultation before your photo session to help with styling support. Similarly I can provide clothing boards via Pinterest to help you visualise. You are not alone.

Furthermore, during our photography session I am happy to accommodate a couple of clothing changes. For example, simply changing up a top helps to add variety. Helpful for that Instagram feed ๐Ÿ™‚

Hertfordshire family photographer

How Many People can Come to my Portrait Session.

Portrait photography in Hertfordshire usually includes from one up to six family members. However, grandparents and four legged friends are welcome to come along too. Consequently, we’ll be together a bit longer.

In addition we’ll book a rainy day back up date just in case the weather lets us down.

cool and quirky photography in hertfordshire

Why Choose me as Your Portrait Photographer in Hertfordshire?

In short, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet. Sure I’ve been featured and won awards. Importantly though, I don’t shoot for that. Although, if you want to check my credentials here is a good place to start.

Documenting your family and their natural moments is what drives me. I want you to look at your photos and see who you really are. Right now.

To clarify, your photos will show your family authentically yet artistically.

In conclusion, they’ll be on your walls for years to come. Perfectly recording a time in your lives that you won’t get back.

Now isn’t that worth investing in?

Hertfordshire family photographer

Let’s Connect.

Keep up to date with my recent photography projects by dipping into my Facebook page here or my Instagram page here.

Alternatively, jump on over here to find more information on family portrait photography in Hertfordshire.

Family portraiture in Hertfordshire