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Proposal Ideas at Home Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it, the show must go on! We have all spent far too long putting our plans on hold lately. However, with the prospect of brighter days ahead perhaps we can dare to dream again. Therefore with February 14 2021 fast approaching, perhaps now is the time to make that proposal. I mean, don’t you just deserve some happiness and a future to look forward to? Below you’ll find a few proposal ideas at home to help you on your way!

Bride shows off her ring after a proposal at home
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Proposal Ideas at Home, No.1

Firstly, if you want to get it done early, do it at breakfast. That way, you get to celebrate all day long. Plus, if you’re nervous this will tick a few boxes! Above all else, who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? It’s the perfect start to the day.

Ideas to help with your breakfast in bed proposal at home could include “Marry Me” stencilled into your cappuccino. Alternatively, hiding the ring amongst the warmed croissants could be your surprise. Make sure you include any breakfast favourites!

Marry me proposal stencil in coffee froth
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Decorate a Proposal Room in Your Home

Create the wow factor in one of your rooms at home. Surprisingly simple to do well, this is an effective way to surprise. Balloons and streamers fill a room with colour, or alternatively you can go all white keeping it traditional. You can spell out your message playfully with helium balloons. Thus creating a great backdrop for those important “I said yes” pictures.

Plan a wedding proposal at home using balloons to decorate
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Set Your home for Afternoon Tea

I’m going to be bold and hansard a guess that most of us don’t have afternoon tea at home. Therefore, this makes your proposal at home a touch special! At the moment there are many companies delivering awesome afternoon teas, that is if you don’t feel up to making your own. However if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, just get baking! Be artistic and write your proposal in icing.

You can go super glam and candlelit or keep it informal with a picnic style affair. Either way I’d suggest that chilled champagne is a must!

Photo credit: Etsy

An Idea for Help With Your Proposal

Have you got children! This idea just adds cute to your wedding proposal. Plus, it keeps the kids involved and entertained. Especially if you’re enlisting their help with the small details. Not only can they make a wedding proposal poster, they can be on hand to photograph the proposal too. After all this is the start of a new journey for you all. In addition, that poster will be cherished forever afterwards! Of course, if you have a pet, they can help too.

couples daughter helps with a proposal at home
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Propose Over a Candlelit Dinner at Home

Even though this is probably the most popular choice, it’s no less romantic than the others. It’s a proposal classic! Make sure the wine is flowing, the music is on and you’ve chosen your partners favourite meal. Importantly, should your cooking not be up to scratch, it’s ok to order a takeaway. The main thing here is that you set the tone for a special evening. Try adding fairy lights, candlelight and decadent table settings to up the ambience!

Photo credit: Pinterest, Whimsical Wonderland weddings

Decorate an Outside Space

Admittedly it’s cold right now. Nonetheless, heading outside for a proposal around the fire is so cosy. For a proposal that goes off with a total bang, how about incorporating a little firework display? Again, adding fairy lights and candles will ensure your garden looks magical. Doing this at night is the obvious choice, but sunrise and sunset are just as dreamy.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Head Out For a Change of Scenery

Unfortunately we can’t go far right now! That said, we can walk. So why not wander to your favourite outside space to propose? This idea certainly has the element of surprise to it. Catch your loved one unaware, take the ring, a bottle of bubbles and grab yourself a park bench! Alternatively, pack a picnic. A flask of boozy hot chocolate will help keep you warm and set the mood perfectly.

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After your Proposal at Home

Well, congratulations will be on the cards, and then the planning begins. If you are planning a wedding soon head on over to this post. It’s full of tips on planning a micro wedding. As well as that, hopping here and here takes you to another two useful posts on wedding venues and wedding photography. Both interesting and informative, even if I do say so myself!

I’m a wedding photographer based in Hertfordshire. I love to photograph awesome people having an awesome day. To read a little about what I do, this page is a good starting point. Head straight to this page for wedding photography specifically.

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