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reportage wedding photography hertfordshire

I’ve taken a fair few photos in my time as a wedding photographer. My reportage wedding photography Hertfordshire always aims to capture the true essence of each wedding day. I document your day, as it evolves, authentically and artistically. The reason behind this? I want you to look back on your wedding photos and be reminded of how the day really was.

What is Reportage Wedding Photography?

Essentially photographing a wedding in a reportage style is to document events as they happen. Therefore your reportage wedding photographer will have little or no intervention. Several terms related to this are bounced around. For example, you will hear the terms documentary photography, wedding photojournalism and candid. Personally, I don’t get too hung up on the subtleties in the different meanings. Put simply, all these names point to a natural and honest way of shooting a wedding.

Why Choose a Reportage Wedding Photographer?

Many of my couples say that they hate being posed. Therefore the “no hands on” approach suits them to a tee. In addition to this they want to enjoy their wedding day with little or no interruptions. We’ve all been ushered around by a bossy wedding photographer. Similarly, we’ve all disliked it! Reportage wedding photography allows you to get on with the task of socialising, partying and general frivolity. You can trust your reportage wedding photographer to capture you doing just that.

Why I Love This Photo

Importantly, photography is subjective. The images that speak to me are the ones that provoke a memory or feeling. Clearly this will differ from person to person. Every individual will be moved in a different way. However, the important things is that you are moved. This photo clearly captures the bride arriving in the pouring rain. Obviously no one wishes for rain on their wedding day. Bear with me here and read on!

The Back Story

The back story to this photo goes as follows. Tragically, the bride had experienced a very difficult time prior to her wedding day. Nonetheless, she had decided to go ahead. Bravely choosing to celebrate the happy times amongst the sadness. The morning of the wedding dawned dark and moody, with black storm clouds promising a down pour. And down pour it did! However, miracles do happen it seems. As the wedding party emerged from the church after the ceremony the sun shone brightly. Happily, this continued throughout until sunset.

A Photo With Context and Meaning

So you see, this photo really resonates with me. Let me explain why. Firstly, the dark ominous day reflects the sadness that came before. Secondly, the umbrellas sheltering the bride are a metaphor illustrating protection and nurture. Thirdly, it’s an honest and authentic picture of her arrival to the church. When I see this picture it reminds me of a favourite saying.

“Life’s not about waiting for the sun to shine. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Knowing as I do, that the sun came out to play afterwards makes, this moment poignant to me. And so you see, favourite photos are personal. Likewise, they are precious. They are all we have left of moments passed.

Reportage Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire

Are you planning a wedding? Does my style of photography speak to you? I’d just love to chat over your plans!

It’s super easy to get in touch, just leave me a message here. Alternatively, If you’d like to see more, this page is a good place to start. In addition, to keep up to date with recent weddings that I’ve photographed, head to my social media pages. My Facebook is here and my Instagram is here.

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