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Sigma 35mm Hertfordshire Family Photographer

I recently had a spring clean and service of all my camera gear. This included my Sigma 35mm Art lens, currently my most used lens as a Hertfordshire family photographer. I must add also, that it’s my favourite lens for my wedding photography and street photography too.

Great Service From Sigma=Happy Hertfordshire Family Photographer.

Luckily, Sigma are local to me. This means that I can drop my photography gear off to them. Ultimately this means that I get it back quickly too. The consequence of not needing to wait for delivery times. Subsequently this is good news for me. To explain, as a busy family photographer, I can’t be without my kit for too long.

In addition, being able to chat face to face with a technician is always helpful. However, my requests for it to be serviced quickly were possibly a little annoying! None the less, it was promised that my Sigma 35mm lens would be back to me speedily.

“Yeah, right” I thought.

How Is This For Service?

The last thing I expected was to receive a call just that afternoon to say it was ready for me. I’d call that amazing service. Obviously,  I was thrilled to bits. Oh, and the best bit was it was free of charge. My lens was just past it’s warranty but they honoured it anyway.

The Sigma 35mm Test.

I had the perfect opportunity to test it out the following day as I had planned a visit to my daughter at university. She’s always a willing model, (well nearly always). Instinctively,  I knew the backdrop of Whitstable beach would be great. Moreover, the sun was out and low.  Happily snapped. I decided to shoot wide open at f1.4 and shot straight into the sun. In short, my lens had no trouble focusing. Moreover, when adding movement to challenge focus, my family photography was still sharp.

The Sigma 35mm Lens Verdict.

 The verdict from me is a resounding positive. I love my Sigma 35mm Art lens. In fact I’m looking forward to using it more. The tack sharp images combined with the wide angle are a winning combo. Therefore, as a family photographer it won’t often be far from my side. Similarly, I’ll be using it for my wedding photography too.

I’ve picked a few favourites from our shoot to share. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, I have to thank the guys and girls at Sigma for their prompt servicing and help. My lens is now better than it ever was, fast and sharp. In short great service all round.

Shot with the Sigma 35mm Art lens on Whitstable beachHertfordshire family photographer uses agile 35mm lens to capture teenage girl on a windswept beachFamily photography captured with the sigma 35mm art lensSigma 35mm lens used for family photography fishing scenes on whitstable beach captured on a sigma 35mm lensHertfordshire family photographer captures her daughter on a windswept beachHertfordshire family photographer captures young girl with her 35mm lenswhitstable harbour in the background taken on sigma 35mm lensgirl sitting on a boat on whitstable beach taken with sigma 35mm lensHertfordshire family photographer captures laughing girl with sigma 35mm lenssigma 35mm lens tested by Hertfordshire family photographer close up portraitseagull portrait taken with the sigma 35mm lens