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Summer Wedding Planning Advice

With some tried and tested planning advice you can start to arrange your best summer wedding. Safe in the knowledge that things will be cool. Given that our British summer time can throw a few curve balls, you need to prepare for both heat and rain. However, neither need be a problem, I’ve leant to embrace whatever comes my way. So, here’s a few tips to help you do the same!

Essential summer wedding planning tips

Get Your Summer Wedding Venue Booked

Importantly wedding venues get booked quickest in the summer months. Clearly this is due to the fact that summer is the most popular time for couples to get married. Remember that not all venues offer an outdoor area, sanctioned for marriage. Therefore, if you specifically want to plan your summer wedding ceremony for outdoors, get in quick. On a similar note, if you want an outside ceremony, make sure you have a back up plan. Wedding venues will offer an indoor alternative, in case of rain. However, make sure you love it, as it could be a real option if the heavens begin to open. A great example of a venue that boasts both indoor and outdoor options is Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire.

Planning Advice For Summer Cool

Remember, not everyone likes the heat. That is why it’s imperative to provide a few creature comforts for those who might feel uncomfortable. Interestingly, not all wedding venues are air conditioned. Nor too are marquees. Furthermore, both can get super hot in the summer months. In this case, you can consider sourcing air conditioning units if you feel that the heat might become unbearable. Unfortunately this is a pretty boring thing to factor into your budget, albeit an important one.

Thankfully there are other quirky and fun ways to keep your guests cool under the collar. Personally I love parasols and flip flops for guests. Not only do they look gorgeous, they’re pretty functional too! Providing essential shade and comfort in equal measure. Other ideas can include an endless supply of iced and fruited water. Similarly, wedding favours in the form of fans and fedoras make a unique and memorable touch. Alternatively opt for a hat wall, full of straw boaters, panamas and cowboy hats.

It’s always good to remember sun screen too. A “refresher table” is always welcome. Fill it with deodorants, wipes, sun screen and anything else that will freshen up even the most flustered guest!

The Summer Wedding Contingency Plan

Now, I hate to mention it, but sometimes it’ll rain! Nonetheless, this won’t stop the fun. Over the years, I’ve photographed many rainy summer weddings. Without exception, each rainy wedding has been a blast. Firstly I’d suggest stocking up on umbrellas. These can be all one colour, or a statement mixture. You might go for all white, clear, pastels or brights. Whatever you chose, own it! Make a bold statement and embrace it. The same goes for wellies. Charmingly, I’ve seen matching bridesmaids dresses and wellies. Also, little bright wellington toes sticking out from wedding dresses. Essentially, if the grass is wet and muddy under foot, lose the heels.

I will hasten to add, that as a wedding photographer, I’ll always have a back up plan for photos when it rains. This may involve umbrellas and wellies, it might involve going inside.

summer wedding planning advice, take umbrellas along just in case

Advice for Planning Your Summer Wedding Theme

Now it stands to reason that a summer wedding lends itself so some awesome wedding themes. Popular choices for summer wedding themes are festival, garden party, beach vibes and tropical. The warm weather encourages relaxation and a laid back atmosphere. The scope for doing something different is endless. Interestingly, I’ve photographed summer weddings that have included so many unusual ideas. These include BBQ’s, afternoon teas, picnics, outdoor gin bars, slushy stations and a whole lot more! Essentially the key here is to embrace all that is sunshine and summer. Bouquet Garni outdoor caterers and Dotty Mares are great perfecting that summer food and drinks menu.

Quirky Tips For Staying Ice Cool

Keeping in mind the embracing all that is summer idea, I love weddings that have introduced quirky and unique elements. Explore the ice themed treat idea, it’s a great way to keep your guests happy and chilled. I especially love frozen watermelon on sticks, so easy to do! On the same note, popsicle Prosecco always goes down really well, sometimes too well. In addition, hiring an ice cream van could be another alternative. Whatever you choose, I’m sure that your hot guests will thank you for it.

Think About Yourselves!

Now, whilst you are clearly going to consider your guests needs, It’s important to think about yourselves. As you are planning a summer wedding you need to think about how comfortable you will be on the day. Besides all the above advice, as the stars of the show, ensure your needs are met. Grooms need to think about their outfits. Will you opt for a casual linen suit, or aim to go jacket free? Whatever you decide, make sure you are making the right choice for the weather. Trust me, you won’t want to keep a thick tweed jacket on for long, no matter how good you look in it! Similarly, brides, need to think about hair styles, make up and dresses. This is a pretty big subject so I’ve written a more in depth post to cover it! You can read it by clicking here.

summer wedding planning advice includes choosing cool clothing choices for both bride and groom

Reportage Wedding Photographer

To conclude I’ll just tell you a little about me! I’m a Hertfordshire based wedding photographer, creating tangible memories from your wedding day. Aiming to document your day in an authentic and creative way, telling the story of your love. You can read more about my style and approach to your wedding photography here. In addition you’ll find out more about me personally by heading here. And finally, if you’d like to chat, just leave me a message here.

I can’t wait for our connection, so I can start to document yours!

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