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Summer Wedding Planning Tips 

Hello, you’re planning a summer wedding? Helpfully, I’ve joined forces with a few wedding suppliers to give a few summer wedding planning tips to help along the way. Essentially, these are planing tips to help inspire and advise. However, remember it’s your day. Do it your way!

just married couple laugh in the sunset on their summer wedding day

Tips to Help Plan Your Summer Wedding Photography.

Summer wedding photography can be so pretty. Importantly the most flattering light is early evening. As the sun comes down, the soft light in golden hour is perfect for dreamy photos. I’d always recommend nipping out, if possible to grab a few shots at this time. Traditionally this is the time that you’ll be eating! Therefore, think in advance if this is something you fancy and speak to your photographer about the best time to do it.

Whilst most couples wish for glorious sunshine, interestingly this isn’t the best option for photos taken in the middle of the day. If it’s very hot elderly guests may struggle without shade. In addition, at this time of day shadows from the sun on the face aren’t the most flattering. Any wedding photographer worth their weight will guide you to have any group shots taken in some shade. Or at the very least with your backs towards the sun.

On a similar note, the great British summer doesn’t always play ball! As a wedding photographer I will always have a back up plan in case of rain. My style of photography is honest and authentic. If we have rain on the day, we embrace it. I’ll come armed with umbrellas, maybe you’ll bring your wellies! Also, I’m sure your venue will have some spots to take advantage of some indoor photography. It’s important to stay fluid and roll with whatever happens on the day.

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Hints and Tips for Summer Wedding Flowers.

Kim from Bloom in Gorgeous has some great summer wedding planning tips for flowers.

“There’s no set rule in planning your wedding flowers for a summer wedding. However, lovely light pastel colours would be my choice. Darker colours are generally associated with autumn and winter weddings.  

Firstly, I start by asking the bride about her colour scheme. Aiming to get a general idea of the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and grooms suit etc. I’m a florist who loves everything to coordinate! Secondly, moving on to the style of bouquet she might be looking for.

Typically, loose light and airy designs are key looks for a summer wedding. In summer you have an abundance of in season flowers and foliage to choose from. Therefore also an array of colours to choose from.

For example, colourful smaller flowers might include, Spray roses, Lisianthus, Waxflower, and Astrantia. Of course adding real statement pieces like the standard Rose, Peonies and Hydrangeas create an impact. Similarly summer wedding flowers can be filled with perfume too. Highly scented summer flowers like Stocks and Freesias are a poplular choice.

Experience dictates that most brides will come to me with a colour theme and style in mind. As their chosen florist, it’s my job to create their flower designs from the brief. Always using the freshest in season summer flowers!”

How to Plan Your Summer Wedding Cake.

I asked Angela from Cakes by Angela for Summer wedding planning tips for cakes and she kindly came back with this.

“It’s just not a wedding party without a beautiful cake!
Wedding cake design is a true reflection of you and your personality. Therefore choosing your wedding cake is such an exciting process, and anything goes! As the popular summer months see the majority of weddings take place, cake designers gear up for unpredictable British weather.  

Are you having your celebration in a gorgeous marquee or tipi? Certainly, buttercream and semi naked style cakes are favourites for this type of venue.  However gorgeous, buttercream cakes can succumb to melting in high temperatures. Especially when highly decorated. In addition, often attracting uninvited less desirable guests too.  Therefore, I suggest buttercream cakes for the cooler months. Unless of course your venue has air conditioning or access to a cool room. This way your cake can be safely stored and brought out later.

However a popular alternative to buttercream is a fondant iced cake. In short this type of cake has a higher melting point. Thus leaving the fondant cake a better choice for summer weddings.

Interestingly, another alternative is a faux cake.  Tiers of polystyrene decorated in fondant can look just like the real thing!  Subsequently, delicious cutting cakes in your chosen flavours are provided to slice up for your guests.  Crucially, no one would ever know your masterpiece is a fake!

That brings us to the subject of flowers. Fresh, sugar or faux? There is nothing quite like the wow factor and scent of fresh blooms.  However, flowers can succumb to the heat, especially delicate ones. Therefore chat to your florist and order flowers that retain moisture.  Sugar flowers can be created to for your cake. Proving to be a great option if your favourite bloom is susceptible to heat. Faux and dried flowers are gaining popularity.  To clarify, there are less likely to wilt or break. Be aware though, some are still delicate.”


Tips For Choosing the Perfect Summer Wedding Dress.

Sarah, from Ivory and Lace Bridal has shared these tips for planning your summer wedding dress.

“For UK weddings I would recommend choosing the wedding dress you LOVE. Clearly we can’t change the weather so don’t let this compromise your dream dress!

However, if there is just one tip I would recommend to any bride it would be a Hoop. Interestingly, these come in all shapes and sizes to suit any silhouette. Whether it’s a princess ballgown to a slim fishtail skirt. To clarify, in the warmer months the hoop will create airflow underneath and will keep the skirt in shape throughout the day. 

Tips for choosing a dress Are you planning a destination wedding? Do you know you’re going to feel really hot? My top tip for choosing a summer wedding dress would be consider your fabric. Consequently, I would recommend light and airy fabrics. For example chiffon, crepe and tulle. Importantly, these fabrics are not too heavy and  can be found in all shape dresses.

So, you can always choose the “dress of your dreams”! Just don’t forget your hoop!

Summer Wedding Music Tips.

Hugely talented saxophonist Dom from Dom Plays Sax gave his thoughts and tips for summer wedding planning.

“Importantly, the music you choose for your summer wedding will create the ambience for the flow of the day. Crucially, music can make or break your day. Therefore whether it’s the song you walk down the aisle to or the “one more song” at the end of the night, all are important.

However, choosing your music or a live musician isn’t always a simple decision. In short though, I’d start by suggesting that you get on with your musician. Subsequently, a good starting block. He or she should be able to advise on music genres. Perhaps this will be a mix of the music you enjoy and the vibe you’d like on the day.

As you are planning a summer wedding my tip would be that a musician can both enhance and create a unique atmosphere. Consequently setting the tone for the wedding day.”

How to Choose a Venue for Your Summer Wedding.

In my opinion it goes without saying that you just get a feel for a place. None the less, some venues are better geared up for a summer wedding than others. For example if you are planning a summer wedding are you considering a BBQor outside catering. In that case will your venue provide or accommodate this?

On a similar note you may be thinking of an outside ceremony. Many venues offer this. Importantly though, do you like their inside option for your ceremony. Make sure you do. Certainly the British weather can be a little unpredictable. So, make sure that your summer wedding venue ticks all the boxes inside as well as out.

In addition to the above I’d advise to look for shade. Sometimes the sun will shine all day, and that gets hot! Wedding ceremonies taking place in glass houses and marquees can see the temperature soar. Therefore it’s important to ensure that your venue has adequate air conditioning or ventilation.

Are You Planning a Wedding?

To conclude, I’d love to discuss your wedding photography options with you. I’m a wedding photographer based in Hertfordshire. Happily documenting awesome people, candidly and artistically

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In addition you can meet the lovely wedding suppliers who gave their tips for planing a summer wedding below. Also, read more summer wedding planning advice here.

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