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How to keep your kids off Fortnite.

As some of you may know, I am a Welwyn Garden City photographer working from home facing the same issues that many of you out there do too.

The struggle is real!

We are trying to balance work life with our kids and all their commitments and engagements. Before we know it, the holidays are upon us again and the little darlings are at home. Much as I love this, I do also need to work and find increasingly that Fortnite can be my babysitter. Shameful I know, absolutely no mummy points for me!

The trouble is though, when I do suggest we have some quality time I am met with “Just let me finish this game” or “In a minute I’m winning” Sound familiar? I mean, it’s a total battle to get him off it. This leaves me wondering how to keep your kids off Fortnite.

Not for good you understand, just for a little while at least.


Half term fun.

Therefore this half term I made it my mini project to score some mum points and find things to do, that didn’t cost the earth. Activities to get him and me out and about and off that flippin’ Xbox.

I know you feel my pain!

The first thing we did was thanks to an unusually windy day.  Luckily I already had a kite in the boot of my car so after a little bit of unravelling we were ready to go. It’s simple this one, find yourself a hill and you’re in business.

boy flying his kite on a really windy day

Why not try a mini woodwork project

Because it was half term we had already decided to visit my parents. We had been promised my dad’s passed down work bench, so we went to pick it up. Whilst there we had a little impromptu woodwork lesson which was really handy as my youngest had been given some tools for Xmas. He was also actually itching to use them. Backed up with a little extra knowledge gained form the ever helpful Youtube we embarked on a woodwork project to make a box. We actually managed it which I’m pretty impressed with.

If you fancy trying this I would suggest searching for projects to make with kids. I made a Pinterest board for inspiration, you can view it here.

boy makes a wooden box with his new tools, captured by welwyn garden city photographer

Turn them into fire starters

Now, my youngest has always loved a fire, controversial I know.

I am a firm believer in letting kids try things out, giving them a little responsibility and hope that they rise to it. Obviously no kids were harmed making this blog and always an adult is present!

The night we decided to fire build followed a rainy day. We’d been cooped up inside and I was getting cabin fever. He of course was happy on the Xbox, I needed something really exiting to get him off it this time. Building a fire seemed fitting, needless to say he loved it.

boy builds a fire at night
As a welwyn Garden City photographer I love this next one.

Simply calling for a friend and taking a run about in the woods does the job.

I get to take photos which amuses me and they get to build dens, climb trees, roll in the mud and generally lark about. You might notice the whitling knife in the photos. I told you I’m happy for my kids to try most things. Under supervision, the two boys sharpened sticks and cut out their initials in the bark of dead logs. Real Huckleberry Finn stuff. Am I the only one that remembers Huckleberry Finn?

Given that I’m a Welwyn garden city photographer I do know these woods pretty well. I shoot my child and family sessions in them often, if you’d like to see one head over here.

two boys play in the woods building dens

On a more gentle note…

Given that not everyday is an outdoors kind of day we do love to bake a cake. Lemon drizzle to be precise. It’s about the only cake I can cook, but I’m good at it and so will he be!

Welwyn Garden City photographer versus Mary Berry!

Obviously the attraction here is licking the bowl and yes, that’s fine by me too.

cookery lesson captured by welwyn garden city photographer

My last suggestion to keep your kids off Fortnite is cheating a little. However, it was good fun so I thought I’d include it.

This was a half term birthday treat, so wasn’t a cheap alternative to keeping off Fortnite.

It worked though!

Challenging for the boys and a bit scary at times they definitely bonded over this one. I’d recommend a visit, maybe when the weather is warmer. We froze, it was minus degrees and the wind was howling as the hail stones fell.

Did I wish to be inside with the Xbox?

Of course not.

welwyn garden city photographer visits the high ropes for some fun

I am a Welwyn Garden City photographer and full time mum to four.

However, somehow I still find time to capture children, families and weddings and I love it.

If you’d like to know more you can visit here, I’d really love to hear from you.