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Winter Family Photo Shoot-All You Need to Know.

extended family in the woods for a winter family photoshoot

So you’re thinking of booking a winter family photoshoot? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for hints and tips, clothing inspiration and full details of my winter family photoshoot sessions. Importantly these take place all season, so what are you waiting for?!

Why Book a Photoshoot in the Winter?

two brothers share a book during their hertfordshire family photoshoot

It’s a misconception that summer is the best time for a family photoshoot. To be fair, every season has its benefits. Winter is no exception.

Photographers are lovers of light. And the low winter light is just so pretty! Softly illuminating your surroundings, adding a warm glow to your pictures.

However, should the sun not show the bare wintery landscape makes a stunning back drop. Similarly overcast days diffuse the light creating flattering soft light.

What Should We Wear?

hertfordshire family photographer captures a kiss between mother and her baby

It’s a winter family photoshoot so you’ve got to assume it might get cold. That said, many winter days can be mild. However, you need to be prepared!

Layering is the best option. Wearing lots of thinner garments that you can add or takeaway means you shouldn’t get too cold or too warm. In addition, bringing gloves scarves and hats not only adds interest to an outfit, but is functional too.

In the same vein, if you have really little kids I’ve found hand warmers to be handy. Pop them into gloves and your good to go!

To help with your clothing decisions I’ve put together a Pinterest board here for you to look at. I’d strongly recommend thinking about colour. Ordinarily I’d suggest you choose neutrals. However, whilst I’d still say that this was still a good option, to add a brightly coloured item to add just a pop of colour works really well. You’ll be able to see this illustrated on the Pinterest board.

What Happens During a Winter Family Photoshoot?

winter family photoshoot in hertfordshire

As with all my family photoshoots, we will aim to have fun. I always keep my photoshoots fluid and filled with movement. I want to capture you interacting with each other, those real connections. All you need to do is be yourselves.

We will have chatted beforehand so I’ll know a little about you and your family. Very often, I will bring along a few age appropriate props or games to help with the flow of our time together. Consequently, our photoshoot will be relaxed and informal. Subsequently you’ll be left with a gallery of images full of honesty and soul.

You can jump on over to this page to read more about the way I work.

How Much Will my Winter Photoshoot cost.

grandchildren hug their grandparents during their winter family photoshoot

Simply put, my winter family photoshoot costs the same as a summer one! Helpfully this is all outlined on this page, so hop on over for full pricing details.

Alternatively you can just come straight to me for a chat over your requirements. I’m very approachable ๐Ÿ™‚ Leave me a message on this page and I’ll be in touch.

hertfordshire family photography
mother and son laugh during their family photography session in hertfordshire
hertfordshire child throws snow balls in the woods