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Woodland family photoshoot Welwyn Garden City photographer

I just love the woods, and this family share my views. So naturally we decided on a woodland family photoshoot in Sherrardswood, Welwyn Garden City. Essentially, Mum wanted some woodland family shots of them just hanging out together. Therefore she didn’t want anything too formal or posed. Luckily, this fits perfectly with my style of photography.

Why Choose the Woods for Your Family Photography?

In my experience, being outdoors helps families relax. Many clients tell me they’d far prefer a woodland family photoshoot above posing in a studio. I think the freedom of being outside helps create pictures that are fluid and emotive. You can leave your airs and graces behind, all you need to do is be yourselves. If you get a little muddy, that’s all part of it. After all, isn’t that what childhood is all about. I feel the need to show this in my photography.

Family Photography can Include the dog!

Needless to say, the dog is part of the family. Consequently, I’m super happy for them to join in the fun. Furthermore, they definitely bring character to the photoshoot. In this instance Maisy came along. Mind you, she didn’t sit stilll for too long!

Charmingly, these siblings are all very close. There was no bickering here! It was joyful to see their connection with each other.Also, how the boys were so protective over their free spirited sister.

Join me For a Family Photoshoot Soon

Woodland family photoshoots can take place in any season. Importantly, it’s good to know that I can shoot in most weather situation.

If you’d like your own woodland family photoshoot can you find out more by heading to this page. On the same note, if you’d like to chat over your options you can leave me a message on this page.

In addition I’m always busy with new projects over on Facebook and Instagram. so, follow along there to keep in the loop!

woodland family photoshoot in the woods in hertfordshire
portrait of brothers enjoying a woodland location
woodland family photoshoot in hertfordshire
portrait of girl in woodland location in hertfordshire taken on her family photoshoot
woodland family photoshoot in sherrardswoods in hertfordshire
family portrait taken in woodland in welwyn garden city
woodland family photo shoot captures a young girl smiling in the woods
a boy plays his guitar in the welwyn garden city woodland
three siblings hug on their woodland family photo shoot

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  • Lisa Price says:

    Beautiful photos which capture the moment and the family closeness ๐Ÿ™‚