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About Me

Showing up as me, to photograph the real you

Hi, I’m Denise a documentary wedding photographer based in Hertfordshire. I’m really not a fan of self promotion, so I’ll briefly mention that my photography has been published and even won awards. But, I don’t shoot for that. I shoot for you.

With over 12 years experience photographing all sorts of awesome people I can guarantee that you’re in safe hands.

Lover of honest and genuine moments, being unobtrusive and observational is key to me. I want to take pictures that capture your raw story. It’s about life and love and all that comes along in between.

Creative. Authentic. Emotive.

I'll be taking the time to get to know you. Here's a little bit about me...

When I’m not being wedding photographer or photographing families I do other stuff! In no particular order and amongst other things…

  • I love street photography. It’s a great way to hone skills and shoot for myself.
  • I’m happiest outside whether that be walk along a huge windswept beach, a wander through the woods, a bike ride…I’m easy. I just get serious cabin fever.
  • If I’m photographing your wedding day, I will most probably shed a tear. I get a bit involved.
  • I love meeting new people and going to new places. Actually, I love adventures and would rather be doing something than nothing.
  • I buy far too many plants. As a consequence, my house is a bit of a jungle.
  • You’ll never hear me sing as I know how bad I sound. However, when I’m all alone I love to really belt out a tune!
  • Hanging with my four kids is a fav thing. (Yep, I have four) One reason why I’ll be unruffled by yours!
  • I’m rubbish at going to bed early. Subsequently, I’m not such a morning person.

“We are so grateful to you,
you are now like family to us.
Thank you for taking the time to understand how we roll!
Our day would not have been captured so beautifully by anyone else.”