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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer


I’m Denise, a Hertfordshire wedding photographer documenting awesome couples having their best day ever. Always striving to make emotive pictures from your genuine moments, giving you the freedom to just be yourselves.

My wedding photography is about real love and real connections that show the true essence of you and your guests gloriously!

(Think authentic, rather than awkward.)

If you’re looking for wedding photography brimming with heart, soul and personality, I’ve got you covered.

creative, authentic and emotive. 
creative, authentic and emotive. 
creative, authentic and emotive. 


and a lot of kissing

Wedding Photography Prices

My wedding photography is packed with genuine awesome moments-let’s make a (wedding) day of it.

 Wedding Photography Style

Creatively and artistically documenting the connections between you and the ones you love the most.

Get in Touch, I’d Love to Chat

I’m super approachable and perfectly happy to take you just as you are. I just can’t wait to meet you!

“Denise, what can I say? You were dreamy! Honestly, I cannot thank you enough. Everything you did was exactly how I dreamed, imagined and hoped. I loved the rapport we had from the off and I knew that you were 100% on my vibe. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and then subsequently being in your company.”

About Me

For couples who would rather party than pose

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer in Hertfordshire for over 12 years now. That’s a lot of weddings photographed!

To date, I’ve truly loved every wedding that I’ve been fortunate to document. Let’s be clear, you are not just a booking, you are far more important to me.

I photograph easy going couples that love wedding photography that’s oozing with emotion, tenderness and joy. So whether yours is a country house winter wedding or a festival vibe summer wedding or anything in between, count me in.

What matters most is that it’s your story, your vibe, your tribe. Trust me to capture the magic as it unfolds.

B&W photo of bride getting married in Hertfordshire making a speech at the table

If you're looking for cool wedding photos that ditch the cringe, stick around

You might well think that you’re a tad camera shy, trust me to prove you wrong. Just relax and stay in the moment and I promise you’ll find the whole process effortless and easy. My style of wedding photography celebrates bona fide meaningful moments, nothing contrived, nothing false. This is wedding day story telling.

All you really need to do is turn up, leave the rest to me.

I’m super experienced at finding great light in fabulous locations and will guarantee  that I’ll put you both at ease.

bride with flowers laughing as groom kisses her

I'm a wedding story teller, embracing the perfectly imperfect

Your wedding day is made up of hundreds of tiny, some may say, seemingly insignificant moments. Some moments you might have missed, others you’ll be at the centre of, some will only be seen be me. They’re all of equal importance as all come together to create the story of your day.

A good wedding photographer has great empathy. I’ll be bringing that in bucket loads. I’m a sucker for tears, the touch of a hand, a stolen glance. Equally my sense of humour is playfully in tact. So, bridesmaids up to no good, your nan after one too many drinks or your dad throwing a few shapes on the dance floor, they’re all my jewels!

Whilst you and your guests throw yourselves into the celebrations, I’ll be busy creating beautiful pictures from your un orchestrated happenings.

photo of nana having make up applied at wedding

It's all just so joyous!

I love what I do, it’s that simple. I’ll care massively about you and your guests and will go above and beyond to ensure your experience with me is a complete joy.

I’m always honoured to be trusted to photograph such an important day. Your story is a part of mine. I hold a huge amount of pride in the quality of my work, gained from both experience and constant learning.

The best thing though? Most of my couples say that I was like a friend at their wedding. Isn’t that just the nicest thing?

child lying on grass at wedding portrait

How much will my wedding photography cost?

Ultimately every wedding day is unique and I appreciate that all my couples have different needs and budgets.

In order to capture your whole wedding story I would recommend my “The Whole Day” package. This covers everything from bride and groom preparation through to your first dance and beyond.

However, I do offer several packages. It’s always best to chat over what you’re looking for.

Wedding Photography Prices

“Oh Denise, these are wonderful! Thank you, what a glorious gift you have. You captured the vibe of the day so very beautifully.”

Can we meet up before committing?

How far will you travel?

How long are you with us for?

My “The Whole Day” package covers bride and groom prep through to your party in the evening.

What if we're super camera shy?

We'd like a wedding photographer that has shot at our venue beforehand

Do you do group shots?

Can we see some full galleries?

How do we book?