Newborn Photographer Hertfordshire

You’ve had a baby, congratulations!

Now You Need a Newborn Photographer Hertfordshire.

Having your newborn around is one of the most treasured moments of life. That’s why you absolutely need a Hertfordshire newborn photographer!

Although you may not completely realise this right now.

You’re more than likely sleep deprived and a little giddy.  Similarly, you may have little or no time for yourself.  Maybe you’re still getting over a traumatic birth and feeling a little under par.

None the less this is a time worth documenting, it’s so special and so fleeting. It’s going to go by in a blink.

Before you know it that little bundle will be different. Sure, they are still your baby, but they will change as quickly as the seasons. And no doubt as the pressures of everyday life continue you will have forgotten all the tiny things.

As your Hertfordshire newborn photographer I’m here to make sure you have those memories documented forever.

“The photos are gorgeous and have really captured a precious moment in time. I wholeheartedly recommend Denise!”


collage of many newborn baby expressions hertfordshire newborn photographer

What to expect from your Newborn Photographer Hertfordshire.


As a Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer I strive to capture this short period in your lives in an honest, natural and emotive way. Most importantly I want to see the connections between you and your baby, not posed and perfect smiles.

Life isn’t posed.

It’s mostly a muddle, especially with a baby in the house.

Let’s make a start on your new family album and capture some real moments. Memories that you’ll look back on that will actually mean something. I’m going to document your early days together artistically and creatively making beautiful and honest real pictures.

Let’s celebrate those tiny fingers and toes, the yawns and smiles and stretches.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of H and H. Still can’t believe how lovely they all are. So glad we got them early on as they are both growing so fast now!!”


hertfordshire newborn photographer
hertfordshire newborn photographer

We are going to keep your newborn photography simple.


You don’t need to have the perfect house, it doesn’t even need to be tidy. Furthermore, if you don’t want to do your make up or hair you don’t even have to. I’m not going to judge. I’m super laid back you can see for yourself  here.

However, I will find the beauty in your everyday.

Hopefully in years to come you’ll be thankful that you took the plunge and got in the frame. After all you are never going to get those moments back.

“Denise was amazing. Putting us all at ease which helped capture some amazing shots. I had real trouble actually picking my favourites as there were just so many to choose from. I would not hesitate to recommend Angels with Dirty Faces Photography”


hertfordshire newborn photographer

Keeping our newborn photography session relaxed is paramount.


So, if baby is asleep I will photograph him/her asleep. When they wake I’ll photograph them awake. In the same breath, if you need to feed or change them I will happily continue to document this. I’ll be unobtrusive and sympathetic, keeping your modesty in mind.

I want my photos to document the genuine and real, so when you look back on them you truly remember this time.

“Thank you so much for our gallery. We have had a quick browse and we absolutely LOVE them. You managed to capture exactly what we were after… Some wonderful natural shots!”


hertfordshire newborn photographerhertfordshire newborn photographer

How long will my newborn photography take?


My newborn photography will typically take a couple of hours, but if things take a little longer I’m easy with that. I’ll come along and hang out with you until I feel that I have a collection of images to tell your newborn story.

Sessions are relaxed and take place in your house, we do things on your terms where you feel at ease.

Newborns can’t be rushed!

Of course if you have other children you’d like included they are more than welcome.

After all, they were here first!

” Needless to say they are absolutely stunning and in every way perfect. You have more than met my expectations I am in love with all of them, thank you so much.”


big brother watching his baby sister crying hertfordshire newborn photographer

Although your newborn may not want to share the limelight!

Nor too, the family pet.


dog taking the limelight on a recent hertfordshire newborn shoot

So how much will my Hertfordshire newborn photography cost?


I’m excited at the prospect of photographing your new addition so hope that I can offer a package to suit.

I’m happy to make the tea and will cuddle your little one whilst you go and get dressed. I can change nappies and do bottles and generally multi task to make your newborn photo shoot experience one to remember fondly.

(all included in your package price!)


You will find my range of newborn photography Hertfordshire prices here.


If you are after something little different and don’t see what you need just get in touch. I am happy to chat over your needs and design a package to suit.

If you’re looking for a Newborn Photographer in Hertfordshire, leave me a message and I’ll be in contact.


Photos are the visual narrative of our lives.

Get in the frame, get your family in the frame and don’t let these moments pass you by.

Get in touch here now to book your newborn photography Hertfordshire session.


baby asleep in newborn photo shoot


Still deciding whether I could be your Newborn Photographer Hertfordshire?

You can have a look at my baby blog posts below to see more.



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