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 Commercial Photographer Herts with Johnson and Johnson.

The brief here was to keep behind the scenes and document both crew and cast as they shot a new advert. Working within a highly pressured and extremely tight space I spent the day on set capturing all the action. These are to be used on Johnson and Johnson’s  social media pages to give a new “behind the scenes” look to their marketing. Commercial photographer Herts hits the tv set!

What Can a Commercial Photographer in Herts do For You?

Firstly your website and social media pages are often the first port of call for clients. Ultimately you want to make a lasting first impression. Importantly standing out from the crowd is key. Therefore having a professional looking website and social media pages is imperative.

Secondly your on line presence needs to reflect both yourself and your business. Showing your personality within this platform can help clients connect with you. However, showing clearly what you do is paramount.

What Commercial Photography Packages do I Offer?

When choosing a commercial photographer in Herts communication is key. Having a photographer that can understand and fulfil your brief is priceless. Therefore,  together we will work on planning your shoot. Thus maximising efficient use of time.

Prior to your commercial photography shoot we will have chatted and bounced ideas. With knowledge of your business and your thoughts I will design our shoot. This can take place at my home studio or at your place of work.

Full details of pricing can be found by visiting this page.

I Also Offer Professional Head Shots.

Commercial photography packages are great for a re brand or update. However, if you are looking for a simple profile image. a head shot session will be what you need.

To clarify, clients like to be able to connect with you. Make sure you are showing them your best side! A professional head shot will give you that head start. 

Similar to my commercial photography we will liaise before the shoot to chat over the look you wish to portray. Likewise, I can advise with outfit choices and best locations. To find full information please head on over to this page.

Commercial Photographer Herts with Johnson and Johnson on the set of their new tv advert.hertfordshire commercial photography behind the scenes with johnson and johnsonCommercial photographer Herts captures behind the scenes of Johnson and Johnson tv advertBusy film crew captured by Hertfordshire photographerhertfordshire commercial photography with johnson and johnsonhertfordshire commercial photographyhertfordshire commercial photographyCommercial Photographer HertsCommercial Photographer Herts photographs new tv advertCommercial Photographer Herts

To Chat Over Your Commercial Photography.

Clearly I’d love to connect with you. You can easily drop me a line here.

Alternatively, please head to my social media pages where you can leave me a message. Facebook is here. Instagram is here.