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 Welwyn Garden City Family Photographer-

Family Lifestyle Photography

As a Welwyn Garden City family photographer it’s the real, the honest and “imperfect” pictures that move me every time.

I think they are perfect.

 I can’t help it, I go back to them again and again. Admittedly, I agree that it’s not the same for everyone. Therefore I’m going to stick my neck out here and explain why.

Family Lifestyle Photography Welwyn Garden City Family Photographer

Rachel came to me explaining that she didn’t like posed and formal family photography. She wanted a Hertfordshire child and family photographer that captured images that showed who they really were as a family. She wanted pictures that captured them as they are right now.  Instantly I knew that we would be a good match.

This was music to my ears.

winter family photoshoot

What makes a great photo?

Now, in my opinion what makes a good photo is one that shows connection, soul and honesty. Often these may be viewed and criticised for technical imperfections, but is that what’s most important? Obviously a well executed image is ultimately the goal, but wouldn’t we all rather have an image that evokes an emotion foremost?

Here’s an example of what I mean.

You set a date, you hope for great weather and you make plans for the shoot. You have expectations and then the unexpected happens, you’re suddenly in the middle of a snow storm. Instinct tells you to take cover, instead the boys carry on playing and I carry on shooting. Here’s one of the shots taken…

playing in the woods with welwyn garden city family photographer

Now I could sit here and criticise this image.

(I’m not going to as what you don’t know won’t hurt you? 🙂 )

The fact is, I love this shot and mum loves this shot. It captures a moment and evokes a memory. It was simply a moment of pure childhood, a snow storm out of nowhere…doesn’t every kid love snow? This was a moment that reminded me to embrace the unpredicted and to see the beauty in the unexpected. Quite probably Rachel’s memories are going to be different to mine, personal to her. Ultimately,the point is we’re both going to feel something when we look at this image. It moves us, it’s important and it doesn’t just pass us by.

We could have postponed our shoot, chosen a “better” day. Now wouldn’t that have been a shame?

This is family lifestyle photography.

I want to capture your everyday and your real life. Sure, a perfect traditional family shot is lovely but don’t you want images on your walls and in your albums that remind you of life as it really is? As your Welwyn Garden City family photographer I want to produce little snippets of who you are, photos that show your real version of family. Family life isn’t always perfect and neither are we as individuals, but isn’t that really what makes us all perfect in our own little ways?

A big thank you to Rachel and family for being my perfect match. Also thank you for being troopers and for being simply your selves. (And for letting me share a few of your images.)

If you are looking for a Hertfordshire child and family photographer to capture your every day, you can rest assured that I will embrace your “imperfect”. You guys can just be yourselves, no need for airs and graces. I want your images to speak to you and to be timeless honest reminders of who you are right now.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Here are a few more from our snow storm photo shoot.

Below them re a few kind words of appreciation from Rachel.

If you love what you see maybe you’d like to see more of what I do?You can click here for that.

paper aeroplane throwing in the woods captured by welwyn garden city family photographerfamily lifestyle photography shot of family tickling each otherwelwyn garden city family photographer shot of two boys readingfamily photography of two boys playing with bubblesyoung boy climbing a tree in the woods on a welwyn garden city family photo shootwelwyn garden city family photographer playing sword fights with two boys in the woodsFamily Lifestyle Photography Welwyn Garden City Family PhotographerFamily Lifestyle Photography Welwyn Garden City Family Photographerwelwyn garden city family photographer shot of boy playing in the woodsFamily Lifestyle Photography Welwyn Garden City Family Photographera quiet moment in the woods during a family photo shoot

A few kind words from Rachel about me, her Welwyn Garden City family photographer.

“We had the best photo shoot with Denise. My boys aged 6 and 10 were not interested at all in having photos taken, until Denise. What they thought was going to be dull staged photos turned into 2 hours of outdoor fun. The results are fab, thanks Denise xx”

 Welwyn Garden City Family Photographer shooting Family Lifestyle Photography

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