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Hertfordshire Family Photography at Home

When it’s blowing a gale outside, having your Hertfordshire family photography at home is a great idea. Of course, this is always an option what ever the weather. But, cosying up at home is even more appealing if the weather is not playing ball. This wonderful Hertfordshire family also wanted their family photography at home following a complete house refurbishment. It was a joy to photograph the boys surrounded by their creature comforts. We read books, played trains, watched their favourite DVD and played lego. In addition, after all that, we stepped outside for swings and bubbles. You’ve got to love the boundless energy of brothers!

Family Photography That’s Authentic and Fun

It’s always really important to me to show your family’s personality in my photography. Essentially, I want you to recognise yourselves and feel something when you look at your pictures. This is your family history, so cheesy fake smiles just won’t do. Therefore, I’ll be chasing authentic moments and natural connections. Hopefully, these will be photographs that remind you of a moment in your families lives, cherished for generations.

Choosing Your Home as a Family Photo Shoot Location

It’s a popular but incorrect notion that you need to tidy up for me! I love to photograph you all in your natural surroundings. Trust me when I say that your every day mundane items will become memory catalysts over the years. Think about the nostalgia of seeing the book in a photo that you had to read over and over. Similarly, the grubby blanket your child would never let go of. Likewise, I’ll embrace gaps in teeth, scrapped knees, bedhead and whatever else childhood might throw up. It’s all so fleeting and all so important.

Perfect Hertfordshire Family Photography at Home

To conclude, I’ll stress that your imperfect is perfect. This is real family life and that’s what I’m going to document. Of course, we’ll create some beautiful wall worthy family pictures. The important thing is, that they are going to be relaxed and natural. Your finished gallery of family photography will include a variety of images showing the true essence of you all. And you get to choose whether we do this in your home or on location somewhere.

Are You Looking For Family Photography?

Obviously, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch and I’ll come back to you to chat over your options. For more information and packages options you can visit my Hertfordshire family photography page. To keep up to date with my most recent photo sessions, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Finally for real family photo shoots head straight to my blog.