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Hertfordshire Party Photography a 70th Birthday Present.

This is personal Hertfordshire party photography!

My mum recently had a “milestone” birthday. Consequently as a surprise we wanted to arrange a photo of all the grandchildren for her. She has been asking for one for as long as I can remember. However, you know how it is with families! Ultimately,  no one is ever in one place at any given time. Similarly, if they do happen to be, inevitably someone won’t be playing ball. Subsequently there’s face pulling, the hiding behind a cushion and sulking.  You name it, they have done it!

Party Photography for Grandma.

Eventually we made a date. All 14 of us. So, under strict instructions to behave we all went out on a mission to create a shot that would make it into a frame and up on to the wall. Thus providing what Grandma had wished for.

Hertfordshire Family Photography


My mum and dad have a really modern house. Importantly we wanted the image to match that. Therefore we decided on an edgy, urban look. Luckily I have a few tried and tested urban Hertfordshire locations to choose from. Unluckily, the weather was freezing. The wind blew a gale high up on the multi storey car park we had chosen. This photography shoot had to be done and dusted as quick as possible.

Normally I’m a patient photographer. But family is different! This lot just needed bossing. I cajoled them into position and enlisted my siblings to stand behind me a play the fool. (Something that comes fairly naturally to them!) Finally amidst the chaos I managed to get a few shots that made the grade.

70th Birthday Present

So, finally my mum gets the photo of all the grandchildren together. The shot she has wanted for years.  The ultimate 70th birthday present. Thankfully it went down well.

I have done a number of photo shoots for families as presents. But, this was the first where I get to see the reaction when it’s given. Priceless. So, I had to take a few photos of that too.

Here are a few of all the kids together and my mum unwrapping her presents.

Hertfordshire Child Photographer 70th Birthday Presentcousins pose in a car park for Hertfordshire Party Photographyhertfordshire family photography with 9 cousinsHertfordshire Party Photography captures a surprise presentHertfordshire Party Photography70th birthday present surprise is given to grandparent and captured by Hertfordshire Party Photography

Hertfordshire Family Photographer

If you or someone close have a milestone birthday coming up, how about sorting out a family photo shoot for them? I guarantee it will go down well! Please feel free to contact me,  using the contact form on this page here.

Alternatively leave me a message on my Facebook page or Instagram. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

For more information on Party and Event Photography packages you can jump over to this page. Similarly, child and family photography information can be found here.