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Natural Family Photoshoot Hertfordshire Family Photographer

When I first spoke to this mum of four, she said she would like photos that truly represent them as a family. Therefore photos full of character and personality. A natural family photoshoot with nothing posed or staged.

There’s some big personalities here!

Subsequently, this lovely bunch arrived at our woodland location. I immediately knew that this family photoshoot would be big fun.

Family Photography That is Natural and Genuine

Importantly, this family are full of fun and vibrance. Ultimately their photography needed to reflect this. We bundled our way through the woods, digging, climbing, balancing and just generally larking around. They were able to forget my presence and just be themselves. Therefore leaving me to document their little family story, capturing loads of authentic moments.

Hertfordshire Photography Location

I’m a Hertfordshire based family photographer. However I’m happy to travel wherever you might need me to. In this instance though the local woods were a perfect choice for a natural family photoshoot. Importantly, the kids have space to be themselves and their true characters become apparent. Thus resulting in honest photos that aren’t posed or contrived.

In addition to natural photography, mum knew that she wanted these shots to match her newly re decorated house. Therefore so she dressed the kids accordingly with pops of green and purple. As a side note, I think this worked out really well.

Come and Chat!

Obviously, I’d love to chat over your natural family photography options with you. To start with you might want to hop over to this page for more information. If you like what you see and want to get in touch, leave me a message on this page. I’ll come back to you.

In addition feel free to follow along on social media. Here you can keep up to date with all my latest photography projects. Find my Facebook here and Instagram here.

mum and daughter joke during their Natural Family Photoshoot
portrait of young boy in hertfordshire woods
funny moment as grandad makes the kids jump during their Natural Family Photoshoot Hertfordshire Family Photographer
grandad and grannie join in the Natural Family Photoshoot in hertfordshire woods
Young girl finds sticks by a tree during herNatural Family Photoshoot
father and daughter share kiss during their Natural Family Photoshoot Hertfordshire Family Photographer
Natural Family Photoshoot of close up portrait of boy in black and white
close up detail of Childs curly hair Natural Family Photoshoot
Natural Family Photoshoot with family of four children sitting on a fallen tree Hertfordshire Family Photographer

really not sure why grandad wore a dragon suit, but hey, it worked for me!!!if you would like to book your own natural family photo shoot i would love to hear from you…the woods still look lovely and it’s not that cold!!!