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A few weeks back I started thinking about what makes a calm pregnancy and baby. I’d just had the absolute pleasure of photographing newborn twins. What a special treat it was, double cuteness and double cuddles. However, as a Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer I’m well aware that newborn shoots don’t always go to plan.

Of course, this is fine, newborns are unpredictable and plans can always be broken! I’m most happy to go with the flow and my Hertfordshire newborn photography is always baby led and relaxed. None the less two tiny babies could have potentially been a small challenge. Thankfully I was greeted by a super calm mum and her super calm babies, not to forget super calm dad too.

As our shoot progressed I heard all about the chilled out birth, natural, imagine doing it twice in one go?! I heard how the babies feed once in the night, giving tired parents a chance for some well deserved rest. Similarly, I saw how beautifully content and relaxed this mini brother and sister were.

calm parents hold their calm baby in beautiful window light

What Makes a Calm Baby?

As I drove home I got to thinking about what makes a calm pregnancy and baby. Does a baby get a vibe from his/her surroundings once born? Is a calm baby made in the womb? Can you learn calmness or are you just blessed with it, or not.

My quest for answers has led me to ask some local, awesome ladies all championing natural wellbeing focusing on a holistic approach. Each offering support, from conception through to arrival and beyond for both mothers and babies. We all need to be aware of our emotional and mental health, this is especially important during and after pregnancy. Having a baby (or two) is a big thing!

We all strive to be calmer, more in the moment, able to enjoy the here and now. I think also, we’d all love calm and happy offspring.

sleeping calm babies lie with their toy bunnies

How Can A Little Self Care Help You, Your Partner and Your Newborn?

Below you will read the benefits of a little pregnancy and birth self care. How it can impact you, your partner and your newborn baby. I hope you find it both informative and useful. Each lovely wellbeing professional featured here is based in Hertfordshire and would be happy to answer any of your questions…get in touch to start your journey to calmness! Your doorway to a calm pregnancy and baby.

calm pregnancy and baby tips for expectant parents


Baby Massage by Sarah Kray – Wellness @ No.4


There are so many wonderful benefits of infant massage, for you as parents and for your baby.
Massaging your baby releases bonding and relaxing hormones into your system and it helps you to learn a type of mindfulness, as you spend quality time together. It is one of the only times that all of your baby’s senses are nourished.
It will also help your baby to feel relaxed, which in turn: improves sleep, regulates behavioural states and creates higher level of anti-stress hormones. Your baby will have all of their work systems stimulated: circulatory, respiratory and gastrointestinal and it also gives relief of gas, colic, constipation, muscular tension and teething.
What a lovely way to boost our love hormone ‘oxytocin’ whilst spending special undivided time together.
You can find Sarah here.

Reflexology by Clair Symcox – Twinkletoes Reflexology


Reflexology is a fabulous therapy which can help to support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Based on the theory that every part of the body has a corresponding area, or reflex, on the feet, Reflexologists can work on your feet, helping to restore harmony and balance throughout your body. It’s a holistic treatment, meaning we treat the body as a whole, taking physical, mental and emotional health into account.
How can Reflexology help me during my pregnancy?
Primarily Reflexology is deeply relaxing, it helps you to feel calmer, less anxious and stressed. It also contributes to more restful sleep, which is always a good thing!
We can also help to calm and balance those erratic hormones and gently soothe the aches and discomfort of back or pelvic pain, heartburn and nausea.
After the birth Reflexology can support you through the healing process, through breastfeeding and the joyful but tiring first few months. Even newborn babies can have Reflexology! They love it and it’s a beautiful way to bond with your baby (dad can do it too) whilst giving you a practical way to help soothe your baby through digestive troubles and teething.
To find out more about Reflexology you can contact Clair at
Or on Facebook


Hypnobirthing by Michelle Grant – Birth In Harmony


If you want to feel calm, excited and prepared for your baby’s birth then my Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing course will take you and your birthing partner on a journey to get you into the best possible mindset for birth!
You will learn an amazing set of breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to help you remain calm and in control during pregnancy and labour.
Understanding the physiology of birth and how fear impacts the birthing body.
We will explore the options and choices available to you giving you the confidence to make the right decisions for you and your baby. This course is also brilliant for birthing partners who always come away from the course feeling confident to be able to support Mum and play an integral on the day!
So whatever birth you’re planning or however your birth evolves this mind blowing course will help you to navigate your journey, enabling you to have ‘the right birth on the day’ for you and your baby!  I also offer private courses in the comfort of your own home. I am also a Birth & Postnatal Doula and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter so can offer couples continuity throughout pregnancy, birth and into parenthood!
If you’d like to speak to Michelle about an upcoming course (Some running this April) you will find her here.

Yoga by Claire Winterbourne – Yoagfeet

Yoga is a wonderful practice for your body, mind and soul through pregnancy, regardless of whether you already know it or are new to it. It will help support your changing body. It will help ease any tensions and find some space within, to stretch into and to breathe into. Focusing on breath, and connecting with our body that is changing, connecting with our inner wisdom; we find tools that will carry us not only into labour, but also into motherhood.

Offering a landing pad for our mind brings a sense of calm at an often very busy time. As a pregnant body changes so does the kind of yoga practice we need to embrace change too. I would always look for a prenatal class, from about 14 weeks onwards. (NB if you have a current practice it’s important to let your teacher know as they may wish to move you to a pregnancy class or to offer modifications within your regular practice).

Once you have found a regular class then it would be wonderful to pick some of the practices that you do and start to make a little time to do them at home too. Daily if you can. Even for five minutes. Perhaps it’s to ease tired shoulders or back, or to find some calm when our minds have so much to think about, or to remind ourselves of our strength and innate knowing – that this is what we do. Yoga helps us to trust that instinct.

Yoga During Labour

We move into natural labour from a place of calm, and if you practice yoga regularly through pregnancy this place will become familiar to you already. The breathing techniques will be perfect for a natural labour and equally valid if your birth needs intervention. Physical practices that you have learned within your prenatal class, even birthing positions, will be useful during your labour too.

Once you have had your baby, the focus of your practice will shift once more, but what you have learned through a prenatal class will give you tools as you step now into motherhood, even to help soothe your baby, and you, in the early days. I am so happy if you have any questions about prenatal yoga to get in touch with me. What a beautiful journey to be on, Claire

Visit Claire here or here
or call on 07968 416001 


Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing by Astral Lucas – Empowered Mamas


Top tips for a calm birth, start with doing a really good birth preparation & hypnobirthing course, even if you want an epidural or a caesarean birth. I think one of the myths of Hypnobirthing is that it is only for women who want a natural drug free labour and its great at helping them achieve their goal but it is also for all women. It’s all about being well informed and empowered.
Make your birth space your own have dimmed lights, affirmations on the wall, something from home that you find comforting like a blanket or pillow. Know your labour hormones like Oxytocin and what makes it strong and what makes it go into hiding. Know your rights in the birth room, you can say no to interventions & vaginal exams if you want to, you can question the doctors and ask for the evidence behind why they may want to preform a medical intervention.
To learn more, get touch with Astral via her website or Facebook page.

dad kisses his calm baby

A little foot note about me!

I’m a Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer and  I’d just love to come along to photograph your first moments with your newborn. You can drop me a line here to chat this over.
I also offer maternity photography, family photography and even birth photography.
Let’s make a start on your new family album. x
(Even if you didn’t have a calm pregnancy and baby, I can deal with that too 🙂 )

twin babies sleep squashed together calmly