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Should You Have Children at Weddings?-Top tips from a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer.

There’s no doubt in my mind that children at weddings add a little something extra. However, whether that’s your kind of something extra is a question only you can answer!

Children at weddings bring mischief, laughter, fun and a little unpredictability. Personally, I love to photograph it all.

Now, I know that children at weddings aren’t everyones cup of tea and that is fine. Many couples sigh a breath of relief when told that their little ones aren’t invited too. After all that’s a great excuse for a night off parenting isn’t it? And we all need that from time to time.

Let’s look at it from another point of view. Weddings are family affairs and kids are a huge part of many families. For some couples it would seem weird to leave them out. Similarly many couples planning their weddings already have children of their own.

Ultimately it’s your day so you need to be happy with whatever you choose. To help with your decision, here are a few hints and tips to bear in mind.

Herts Wedding Photographer Kids at Weddings

Choose a Venue that Welcomes Children to Weddings.

Choosing to have your ceremony and reception in the same venue means less stressful travel time concerns for parents. Similarly a venue with accommodation means that kids that need down time can have this away from the wedding party. Keeping tantrums in tiaras in check is a good thing. A venue with outside space helps, giving kids a bit of space to let off steam if they need to. Children at weddings need to let off steam!

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer captures children at weddings

Children at Weddings can be Noisy!

Churches echo, a lot. Even the smallest whimper can seem huge, and it’s always going to be right when you take your vows! Make sure that ushers know to sit parents with kids near the aisle so they have an easy escape route should they need one. Importantly, you could pre warn parents that you’d like them to make a swift exit if their little one screams with boredom!

Alternatively, if you’re super laid back and don’t mind this then just go with it.

tiny baby sucking his fingers at a hertfordshire wedding ceremony

Children at Weddings Love Games

Your drinks reception is the perfect time to socialise, for both adults and kids alike. Supply plenty of games and activities. Giant garden games are popular and can be played by all ages.

You could consider hiring kids entertainment and if the budget allows a reputable nanny agency to keep the children in line.

Balloon artists are great for smaller kids, magicians are great for all ages. Keep it simple if you’d prefer with sticker books, pens, crayons and maybe a dressing up box.

I’ve taken a bubble machine along with me before, knowing that the bride and groom were having their two very young kids in their wedding party.

children at a Hertfordshire wedding with birds of prey

Plan With the Children in Mind.

There’s no point paying for a full meal for the kids. Give them a children’s menu and keep things un fussy.

Believe me, the parents will thank you for it.

On the same note, provide table entertainment to keep them sitting up nicely. Table bubbles are loved by all, you could decorate biscuits or a table mini quiz for everyone to join in.

Expecting kids to stay seated throughout the meal and into the speeches is a big ask. Having an area away from where the speeches are happening for the kids to escape to works well.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer documents children drinking coke at a wedding
little boy tucking into the sweet table at a hertfordshire wedding

Limit the Little People.

Are you worried about how many of your friends have children? It’s ok to limit who you invite. you can happily invite just close family kids. Another suggestion is to stick to kids over the age of 5 for example. After all there’s a lot of kids that might find the day a drag!

boy looking super bored at a hertfordshire wedding
Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer documents child yawning at a Wedding ceremony

Don’t Peak too Soon!

Ensure your little guests are either tucked up, taken home or hidden away watching dvd’s before the hard partying starts!

Drunk wedding guests become children, they don’t mix so well with real children!!!

Child at a wedding reception wearing a bored expression and party hat

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To conclude,  I love to photograph children at weddings.  I’m more than happy for them to be there.

Whether they are up to mischief in a corner, on their very best behaviour or having a screaming melt down, I’ll be there to capture it all!

I have put together a few favourite images of kids at weddings. I hope you enjoy them.x

Child at a Hertfordshire wedding puts on her tiny shoesChildren get ready for the wedding ceremony in HertfordshireHertfordshire Wedding guests dance togetherDancing with children at Hertfordshire wedding receptionLittle boys picks his nose whilst getting ready for Hertfordshire wedding photography

Children at wedding watch the balloon blower

Children at Hertfordshire wedding take time out on the stepsChild Bridesmaid shows off her converse shoes at Hertfordshire weddingLittle wedding guest pulls faces at her reflection in Hertfordshire weddingBoys fight with each other at Hertfordshire weddingChildren at weddings sometimes pick their noses!Smart little child wears his bow tie with pride iat Hertfordshire weddingChildren at their parents Hertfordshire weddingChild at Hertfordshire wedding has put stickers all over her faceBride and groom tickle their children after the wedding ceremony

children at wedding are carried by bridesmaids for photographyBaby peers into the light at Hertfordshire weddingCheesy grin from a child at Hertfordshire wedding ceremonyChild at Hertfordshire wedding dissolves into tears with face paint on her
As well as being a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I also photograph children and families.

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