Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire.


You’re getting married and I’m a Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire.


That’s got to be win – win!

Initially I actually thought that weddings wouldn’t be “my thing”. When convinced to be a friends wedding photographer in Hertfordshire I fell a tiny bit (well, a lot) in love with them. 

I’m now totally hooked to the atmosphere of each wedding day that I photograph. Loving the anticipation, the excitement and the nerves. Loving the emotion, the happiness and the joy even more. And I love totally immersing myself in your day to capture all the moments.

Suffice to say your day will mean the world to me, therefore I will care and feel honoured to be a part of it. It’s special to you and therefore special to me.

Shooting three weddings in a weekend is something I won’t do. I purposely book a limited number of weddings a year to ensure you have my full attention and enthusiasm.

Importantly you are both much more than a booking in a diary.

Furthermore personal connection is important to me, hopefully we will be sharing a vision. I’m going to ensure that the story of your wedding day is recorded beautifully and creatively.

After all, your wedding photos are the start of your own family album.

The visual narrative to your new chapter.


 Quentin Hall wedding

Milling Barn wedding couple pose in front of the old pig sheds

First kiss between bride and groom at their milling barn wedding


What to Expect from Your Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer.


My style?


I photograph weddings in a documentary style, you can find out more about that approach here. For most of your day I shoot candidly.  I want to blend into the background and be unobtrusive and discreet.

In my opinion wedding photography is about capturing real and honest moments, letting your day unfold as it is supposed to.

I’m guessing you don’t want to be bossed around and I’m thankful for that. I don’t need to manufacture moments as these will happen naturally around me. I’ll be ready to capture these moments resulting in emotive wedding photography showing the true essence of your day. You and your guests should feel relaxed in my  presence, I’m pretty easy going!

I will make sure that your photo’s reflect who you are and that they tell the story of your day.

Subsequently I’m not going to tell you how to stand, nor will I tell anyone to give me a cheesy smile. I’m about natural, relaxed, non posed photography.

Of course, there’s always going to be a mum or grandma that will appreciate a really nice group shot. You are welcome to request a small number of pre arranged group shots,  I will happily accommodate that.

But, we’re going to do it casually.


bridesmaids having a giggle during group shot at Shortmead house wedding Hertfordshire

hertfordshire wedding photographer shares a joke with groom and groomsmen at a tewinbury farm wedding

colourful wedding at shortmead house Hertfordshire with horses and a bright bouquet

Who are my clients?

My client is my friend.

Essentially, you are not just a booking, you are far more important. Therefore it’s not just about you and your partners relationship (although it is mostly!). We have to form a relationship too. We have to “fit’ and my style and vision needs to match yours. To ensure we get things right we will meet prior to you booking me, call it an opportunity for you to size me up! This is just the start of our connection. Hence, once you’ve booked me I’m available for advice along the way or just a chat!

I’m going to be around for most of your day so you need to feel comfortable with me. I need you to trust that I’m going to produce a gallery of images that you’re going to love. You will be in safe hands, I’ll look after you!

You can see a little more of what I’m all about here.


 confetti throwing at tewinbury farm hertfordshire wedding

My Gear?

Well, it’s pretty much just me and my cameras!

I shoot with two professional Nikon DSLR bodies and a number of prime lenses. In other words, I do travel light. Preferring to be discreet and act as a guest, mingling amongst everyone whilst waiting for the magic to happen. Obviously, you can’t do that armed with weighty, unnecessary gear and a lot of people do start to act a little unnatural once they notice a big camera.

It’s heavy too 🙂

However,I’m going to pull out a flash as your day rolls into night. But mainly I am a natural light girl.


pretty bridal bouquet lit by soft window light in hertfordshire


I’m a Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire, but that’s not the only place I shoot!


I have shot weddings all over Hertfordshire in some beautiful locations including Woburn Sculpture Gallery, see an example here, Tewinbury Farm Hotel, see an example here and Coltsfoot Country Retreat, see an example here.

Equally, London weddings are a firm favourite of mine. You can see a Hampstead wedding here and a London pub wedding here.

Happily, I will travel to your location if it’s further afield. Mixing it up a bit and seeing new places keeps things fresh and exciting!


If you’re unsure if I cover your wedding location just get in touch here.

(I’d really love to hear from you.)


best man making a joke at tewinbury farm wedding Hertfordshire


How much will my wedding photography in Hertfordshire cost?


Ultimately every wedding day is unique and I appreciate that all my couples have different needs and budgets.

In order to capture your whole wedding story I would recommend my “The Whole Day” package. This covers every thing from bride and groom preparation through to your first dance.

However, I do offer several packages to hopefully suit every individual need.


You can find full details here.


hertfordshire wedding photography in golden hour

Get in touch for wedding photography in Hertfordshire.


If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire  (or anywhere else!) and you feel that you and I could make wonderful pictures together, I would really love to discuss your plans.

You can drop me a line here and I’ll come back to you.

I love a good wedding, now I’m just waiting to photograph yours!


Still wondering if I could be the right

Wedding Photographer in 

Hertfordshire  for you?

Simply clicking onto any of the blog posts below will give you more idea of what to expect from your wedding photography.

In addition to this you can also request to see a full client gallery, just ask.

(I am very approachable!)



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