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Hertfordshire Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Are you looking for a Hertfordshire Bar Mitzvah photographer? I’d be thrilled to photograph your event! I mean, what’s not to love about documenting your child’s coming of age and all the precious moments surrounding that! Of course, I’d be honoured.

Natural and Honest Bar Mitzvah Photographer in Hertfordshire

Typically most of my Bat Mitzvah photography is captured candidly. I’m looking for natural moments and connections between you and your loved ones. These pictures will piece together to tell the story of your party. Creating a tangible ever lasting memory for generations to enjoy and treasure. I must add that although based in Hertfordshire, I’ll happily travel wherever your Bat mitzvah might take me!

A Photographer to Document Family

As well as all the authentic moments, most families like to start with a few group shots. I’m more than happy to do these, often just before the party starts. However, in keeping with my relaxed style, these are similarly kept light hearted and fluid. Importantly, I want to show your true family character. (Whilst documenting how great you all looked too!)

Unique Bar Mitzvah Photographer

Prior to your party, we will have spoken. As a consequence I’ll know exactly what you’ve got planned for the event and all that is important to you. Often families will have a theme for their Bar Mitzvah. Therefore it’s imperative for me to capture all the details as well as the action. Wouldn’t it be a shame for all that work to be forgotten?

Keeping Your Bar Mitzvah Photography Real

Ultimately, I’m sure you’ll want to look back on your photos and feel like you are back in the moment. Therefore, you’ll find me in amongst all the action. I’ll be unobtrusive, preferring to blend into the background rather than orchestrating photographs. Authentic connections and real emotion are what I’m looking for always.

Kaleb’s Bar Mitzvah

Luckily for Kaleb and his family the sun shone brightly on the afternoon of his party. Mum wanted a few natural family portraits outside, before the party started on the terrace. The beautiful grounds of Essendon Country Club provided a pretty setting for early evening cocktails and canopies. Subsequently, as the sun went down guests moved indoors and the party continued.

I’d Love to Discuss Your Bar Mitzvah Photography

To conclude, it’s easy to get in touch. Let’s chat over your plans soon! Drop me a line over on this page and I’ll be in touch.

Alternatively if you’d first like to see more of what I do, hop over to this page. It’s a good place to start. In addition, following on Facebook and Instagram will keep you up to date with my most recent projects.