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Hertfordshire Family and Newborn Photography

Following on from my blog post featuring some past wedding couples and their favourite shots, I decided to do the same for my family and newborn photography. Family photography is such a personal thing, therefore it’s so interesting to get an insight into what makes a favourite photograph.

Although most of the time I’ll shoot from the heart, instinctively capturing your loved ones and their connections as they evolve. Some of the time I’ll take a more considered approach. My family and newborn photography is a blend of my vision and creativity and what you wish to have on your walls. After all, family photography is to be enjoyed and cherished. These photographs are your family history.

Family Photography Favourites

Interestingly all the family and newborn photography favourites had a couple of things in common. Firstly, authenticity. I try to show families as they truly are, honestly recording a snippet in time for you. Thus enabling you as the viewer to look back and not only remember, but feel the moment.

Secondly, character. Each photograph chosen, included a captured personality. Your loved ones are documented honestly, quintessentially individual. Above all, each family and newborn photography favourite evoked a feeling. Now, isn’t that wonderful?!

New Parents of Twins Choose Their Newborn Photography Favourite

“This is one of my favourite pictures, it was so hard to decide! They’re all so lovely! However, I just love this photograph. The twins are all snuggled together, so chilled out and their little toes show. Isn’t there just something so cute about babies toes? It brings back so many lovely memories of them as newborns. I could look through all of the photos over and over and never get bored. I love them!”

Hertfordshire twins sleep soundly in a basket during their family photography

Natural Family Photography

I’ve photographed Jane and her boys several times now. In the beginning, I photographed the boys as newborns. Subsequently photographing them as they’ve grown up. Needless to say, it’s always a pleasure.

“I like this photograph as it shows the personality of us all, it’s very natural which I like. Posing with two children and a dog is impossible. Despite that, you captured us as a family perfectly in this shot.”

Family Photography That’s Unique

When the centre of your family is your dog, I’m happy to document the love. Each families spirit and vibe is unique, the common factor though is always love.

“Denise swiftly understood that the centre of attention and star of the show should always be our dog, Hilda. She captured our family perfectly, and let the ‘cat’ out of the bag that we are truly crazy dog people.”

Hertfordshire family with their dog in the bluebell woods

Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer

” We couldn’t resist this photo! Definitely our favourite, it’s gorgeous. That inquisitive and loveable glance that stops you dead in your tracks. This photograph makes us laugh and smile. In fact it does that every time we look at it 😘!”

Inquisitive baby looks over her dads shoulder during their family photography session

Authentic Newborn Photography

“It’s definitely hard to choose our favourite because we loved all of the photos. But, we’ve chosen this one. I think this photo sums up the first few weeks of having Sebastian in the house. Oliver is super curious to see what Seb is doing. Also, at the same time, not quite sure what to do with this new baby. Someone who has invaded his home and taken away some of the attention he is used to. 😊 Now Oliver can’t get enough of his baby brother!
This photograph is a good memory of the day because even though it was designed as a newborn shoot, it was very inclusive and an even amount of attention was given to both Seb and Oliver.”

Newborn and family photography in clients Hertfordshire home with two brothers

Child and Newborn Photography Full of Character

“This photo is my favourite because all the boys look absolutely stunning in it, plus they are all facing the camera. I love the way that you can see Sonny’s cheeky personality and Joey’s more shy and reserved one. They  both look so proud to be big brothers to Jesse and it’s all  captured so well  in the photo. In addition I also love black and white photos!”

family photography including three brothers in a hertfordshire field

Families Who Come Back For More

I feel like I must be doing something right when families come back to me for a second or third photoshoot. Ultimately it’s the biggest compliment. Moreover, I love to see the newborns I’ve photographed grow into little people and after time become big brothers and sisters.This gorgeous family have come back to me time and time again. I’ve grown very fond of them! Helen chose three photographs 😂

“I adore this photograph. I think it captures all sorts about that transition into the world of siblings. Big brother being a bit moody and cool. Cute baby brother sleeping. I think my boys look just so beautiful! It’s a cool photograph.”

siblings cuddle on a bed during their family photography session

“This is one of my personal favourites too. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a photo of my mum and eldest sister. You obviously didn’t know about that photo, but I love how this makes it so timeless. I adore how you’ve captured the way my 4 week old Otto looked at me.”

newborn baby looks lovingly at his mother

“Finally, I love this one too! It sounds cheesy but I can feel the love just by looking at it”

y laugh together during their family photography session

Hertfordshire Family and Newborn Photographer

If you are interested in knowing more about my photography, jumping over to this page is a good place to begin. If you specifically want information on family photography go straight to this page. Similarly, if you’d like to find out about my newborn photography head here.

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