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No Stress Newborn Photography Preparation

no stress newborn photography preparation

So you’ve booked your newborn photography and you’re wondering how to prepare for it. The good news is that you don’t really need to do much. Thankfully I’m all about no stress newborn photography preparation!

Importantly my newborn photography focuses mostly on your connections with your newborn. Therefore, your surroundings don’t need to be show home perfect. In fact a few bits and bobs in the background, in my opinion, adds character to your images.

That said, dirty underwear, last nights tea and any other unsavoury clutter should be put behind a closed door! Read on for an explanation.

Top Tips For Newborn Photography Preparation

Interestingly the baby toys and other homely nick-nacs that you have around your home are going to add nostalgia in years to come. These are things that’ll be part of your family history.

So, if you’d like to include a favourite teddy, blanket, books or similar in your newborn photography feel free. I’m certain that you’ll look back on these pictures in years to come and connect with them fondly.

In the same breath have a quick think about your family home and it’s decor. This is going to be reflected in your newborn pictures. Bearing this in mind is sensible! I’m not the newborn photographer that needs a clean white backdrop and everyone dressed up to the nines! However, it’s a good idea to think about how the outfits you might choose, blend well with your surroundings.

newborn baby sleeps on a chair in the window light
no stress newborn mum holds her baby in the nursery
newborn parents look dress free during their newborn photography session

Where Will Our Newborn Photography Take Place?

The most often used place to start is your main bedroom. Ordinarily, the bed makes a good base for some together shots and simple baby shots too. Keep your duvet cover plain and neutral, white will reflect the light which is a good thing! Don’t worry if you don’t have this though, I always bring one along with me.

Similarly, I’ll arrive with blankets, throws and wraps to accentuate our shoot if needed.

On the same note, be prepared for me to photograph you and your newborn in any room that has great light. Please bear in mind though, we don’t need a lot of room for great shots. Oh, and I might ask to move the furniture a little! Perhaps, just the odd chair closer to a window.

newborn baby sleeps peacefully during her newborn photography session

What Shall We Wear For Our Newborn Photography

I touched a little on this earlier. Firstly, be yourselves and be comfortable. Secondly, keep it simple. Plain and neutral clothing choices work best, keeping your newborn the focus.

In the same vein your newborn has clothing options too! I love photographing your baby with their hands, legs and feet showing. A simple legless baby grow does the job perfectly. As we progress through the shoot there might be the option to mix things up, for instance, I love a cute hat or bow.

Does Baby Need to be Asleep?

I’m all about no stress newborn photography preparation. And for that reason, I’m happy to photography baby both awake and asleep.

Isn’t it always the way that when it counts, newborns will often do the opposite of what you want them to? My newborn photography is baby led, I will take your newborns lead and photograph accordingly. Trust me, this makes our time together so much more relaxed.

Usually, I’m with you for a couple of hours. Interestingly, in that time there’s normally the opportunity to photograph baby asleep, awake and feeding. (That is if you’d like feeding photos.)

Im Here To Help!

To conclude, I’ll add that you can contact me here should you need to discuss your shoot with me further. I’m always happy to advise.

In addition, if you’re looking for inspiration, you can jump on over to my newborn photography blog here. There you will find real life newborn photography examples!

And finally, to keep up to date with all my most recent projects, you can follow along on social media. Find me on Facebook here and Instagram here.