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You’re here because you might be wondering how a documentary wedding photographer works. Interestingly, you might hear this style of photography also described as “reportage”, “candid” or “photo journalistic”. In my opinion there’s not too many differences between the descriptions. Importantly, documentary wedding photography is all about telling the real and authentic story of your day. Therefore, we’ll cut out awkward posing and cheesy staged shots.

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What does a Documentary Wedding Photographer Shoot?

Firstly, as your Hertfordshire wedding photographer I’m aiming to capture the true essence of your wedding day. In short, this is done frame by frame, ensuring that each picture tells its own little story. For example that may come in the form of a stolen sideways glance, the touch of a hand, the bridesmaids up to mischief. Documenting moments that you’ll probably have missed. These are the moments that make up the character of your day.

Secondly, I’m going to be doing this unobtrusively. Letting the flow of the day evolve, leaving you and your guests free to “just be” I’m a people watcher, happy to wait for the special connections to happen. as they always do.

However, a good documentary photographer won’t just snap away at your wedding. A good documentary photographer is looking to blend the most important elements of a good photo. Those being the moment, the light and the composition. Couple this with the experience of anticipating and knowing when “the moment” will happen is where the magic begins.

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Wedding Storytelling.

In addition to photographing all the special moments and connections between you and your guests, the details are important too.

Delivering a gallery of images which put you right back into your wedding day is important to me. Therefore, all aspects of the day need to be included. Subsequently, you’ll have creative pictures of the dress, rings, flowers and all the little things special in your day. However, they’ll be in context, blended into the story of the day.

Similarly, if documenting family in a few group shots is something you’d like, I’ll oblige. However, I’d recommend you keep this to a minimum so as not to interrupt the natural flow of the day.

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Top Reasons why you Might Choose a Documentary Wedding Photographer

You want your photos to truly reflect your day.

You’re not into posing or staged photography.

You’d like honest and genuine moments captured.

You’d like your day to flow, with no interruptions from your photographer.

You’re an awesome couple who want to look at your photos in years to come and feel like you’re back in your wedding!

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Your Wedding Day Photography is Super special.

To conclude, as your documentary wedding photographer I will strive to create a set of photos that will be creative, authentic, emotive and timeless. (To name but a few descriptives!)

I’m always honoured to be trusted to document such an important day. Likewise, your day and its people will mean the world to me. Consequently, your story is an important part of mine.

As a result, from the bridal preparation through to the first dance, your un orchestrated moments become my jewels. The visual narrative imperative to illustrate the story of your wedding.

I love what I do, so can’t wait to chat over your plans. Visit this page to leave me a message and I’ll be in touch!

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